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Cleanse And Rebalance Fine And Fragile Hair With Celebrity Hairdresser Guy Kremer

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that I am a bit of a hair care junkie. I love trying new products and new tools, and over the next few months I've got loads of exciting new things to show you and to share with you.

Probably my most popular haircare post is the humble shampoo and conditioner review, I love trying new shampoos, and experiencing new textures and smells so they're a never a chore to do. Recently I received a couple of shampoos, conditioners and styling products to try out from a haircare brand that was completely new to me Guy Kremer.

Guy Kremer is a multi award winning celebrity hairdresser with a renowned international reputation, who has styled the hair of everyone from Bollywood stars, to Little Mix, Alexandra Burke and Claudia Winkleman. As well as tending the hair of the rich and famous, and training and teaching his art French born Guy runs a successful salon based in Winchester. Drawing on his day to day work, and years of professional experience in 2011 Guy Kremer developed his own line of professional haircare products, designed to appeal to women of all ages and leave their hair looking and feeling the very best it can. All of the products in the Guy Kremer Professional Salon Style are designed to feel and smell gorgeous and above all to perform.

The range comprises of 3 shampoos (Guy calls them Cleansers) and 3 conditioners (he calls these rebalancers) and 6 styling / finishing products. As I say I was sent quite a few products from the range to try out but the first one that I managed to try are the Add The Bounce Cleanser and the Add The Bounce Rebalancer both designed for fine /fragile hair

Guy Kremer Add The Bounce Cleanser - Professional Salon Shampoo For Fine /Fragile Hair

I know what your going to say "your hair isn't fine", well let me tell you it is, I have super fine hair but I have an awful lot of it. It's prone to frizz and it can look quite flyaway and quite flat. It's also quite fragile and I lose about a zillion hairs on a daily basis so at the moment this product is right up my street. The Add The Bounce range has been formulated specifically to give fullness body and bounce to the hair.

Like all the shampoos and conditioners in Guy Kremer's range, Add The Bounce Cleanser contains 18-MEA which is a natural lipid which is found in the hair cuticle which helps to balance the hair and maintain condition and strength ahead of styling.

The first thing you notice about this product is the bottle, to me it doesn't scream celebrity hairdresser it screams more budget supermarket brand, it's quite basic and for the Add The Bounce range its made of a pink plastic, it doesn't really say luxury to me to be honest. It is clear though that in this case the money has been spent on the actual product rather than the packaging - it smells gorgeous! It has a herbal, floral, aromatherapy type smell, I once has a massage with something that smelled very similar, you smell maybe lavender, and rosemary sprinkled with something a bit more floral - heavenly.

The product itself has quite a runny texture and a clear appearance. It foams up really well to give a super gentle foam that cleanses the hair really well and washes it really easily.

Given the light texture I was a bit worried that this maybe wouldn't be able to deal with really dirty hair but it managed it with ease even after a day in the kitchen and some major products build up. It seemed to be a really light, gentle shampoo that you could easily use everyday with no problems. I really liked this shampoo so much so that I've actually used it continuously since I opened it and I actually finished it last week - to actually finish a bottle of shampoo before starting another one is pretty rare for me! The downsides, well if you have coarser, drier hair this probably won't be for you, it will probably be just a bit too light and not nourishing enough. It also contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate which I know a few of you guys don't like to use or allergic too so that's probably a pretty big negative as far as your concerned. If SLS doesn't bother you though, and you have fine hair, or your after a frequent use shampoo this could be the one for you. Guy Kremer Add The Bounce Cleanser retails at £6.25 for 250ml.

Guy Kremer Add The Bounce Rebalancer Professional Salon Conditioner For Fine / Fragile Hair

As well as the Cleanser (shampoo) I was also given the opportunity to try out the matching Rebalancer. Yes it's a conditioner under a fancier name but I can kind of understand why it's called what it it. The whole point of Guy's range appears to be to transform your hair to its natural glory - if the hair isn't looking its best I guess something is wrong or unbalanced so surely the idea is to rebalance it out and get it back to the  way it should be? that's how I interpret it anyway lol

Packaged in the same basic pink packaging as the shampoo, the conditioner also contains the 18-MEA lipids, and ingredients such as sweet almond oil and argan oil for moisture and condition. It smell exactly the same as the shampoo, if anything the smell is a little bit stronger and the lavender is more prominent. It has a creamy texture but it actually feels quite light.

I guess one of the biggest issues people with fine hair, is product weighing it down. They certainly won't have that problem with this conditioner. Although it feels quite creamy to the touch, it doesn't feel thick or heavy, and in fact it feels quite lightweight when you massage it into the hair.

Unsurprisingly it rinses out really easily and it doesn't seem to weigh the hair down or leave any residue or stickiness. My hair was left feeling quite soft but if your hair is really dry this product probably won't be moisturising enough for you, but again if you have fine hair or if you wash and condition your hair every day this product could be perfect for you x Guy Kremer Add The Bounce Rebalancer retails at £6.95 for 250ml.

I have to say these products really surprised me, the packaging is a total red herring, as I said it doesn't scream celebrity hairdresser, but in this case the contents really do speak for themselves and the money has clearly been spent on the formulations and textures themselves. I shouldn't have been so surprised though when you read about the pedigree of Guy Kremer himself, I'm sure he wouldn't have put his name to something that didn't do what it claimed. I also think the prices are amazing, your paying for product not glitzy packaging, and at just £6.95 a bottle these products are great value. This is a pretty exclusive range at the moment which is just available from the Guy Kremer salon in Winchester and from his website here, but it's a range I would definitely recommend trying. If these two products aren't for you though keep checking back as I have some more products from this range to review x If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

(Both Products Were Provided By PR For Review / Promtional Purposes)


  1. Ooh how lucky getting to try these, hadn't heard of them but sounds great :)



  2. They sounds good it always great to try new things x


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