Tuesday 28 September 2010

Milani Nail Lacquer 3D Holographic - 510 3D - Redone

My name is Louise and I'm a secret magpie, and I love anything that twinkles and sparkles. I love sparkly jewellery, glittery clothing, and it goes without saying that I love glittery nail polish. As much as I love looking down and seeing my fingers and toes dance in the light, glittery polishes can be a bit of a pain to apply and to get off, and more often not they can feel a bit scratchy to the touch.

If scratchy and rough nails aren't to your taste, then maybe you need to try a holographic polish. With a holographic polish you get an amazing almost 3 dimensional  sparkle, that's smooth to the touch.

Holographic polishes used to be quite hard to get hold of but now they're everywhere and available at all different price points, one of my favourite brands though for holographic polishes has to be Milani. I have quite a few of Milani's 3D Holographic polishes now, and without exception they are all stunning.

This one is the catchily named 510 3D, and it's a beautiful gold holograph, shot through with tons of multi coloured and silver sparkles.

It took me three coats to achieve this effect but it's well worth those few extras moments of dry time, for the full on smooth and glossy, glittery look that you can achieve with this polish. Since it's still technically a glitter polish it wears really well but I'm not going to lie it is a bit of a pain to remove but for something that looks as good as this it's a small price to pay x

I'm not sure how easy it is to get your hands on this polish now but if you can find any of the Milani 3D Holographic polishes anywhere then snap them up without question x


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