Tuesday 21 September 2010

Goods and Bads

I'm a bit late again this week I'm so sorry I am finding it hard to get motivated as the moment so apologies it's so negative again x


* Less than 2 weeks to my holiday :)
* My nails are growing :)
* Got my birthday present from one of my besties yesterday - she doesn't live near me anymore and her parents saw her for the first time since March at the weekend. It was a mixture of lovely thoughtful gifts for an ill person like me - a slanket, some fluffy socks and some slippers, some candles and a Gluten Free cookery book - so sweet of her - thank you Helen x


* Gained a pound this week :(
* Feel like death - so much pain, my joints feel like a mixture of jelly and lead and all I want to do is sleep :(

I promise I'll try and write something more cheerful tomorrow xx

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