Tuesday 14 September 2010

Goods and Bads

Hey my lovely ladies - I am sorry this is a day later than normal but yesterday I just felt a bit bleurgh for so many reasons which will become apparent in this post but I'm here now and that's what matters x I'll start with the bads for a change

* General CFS shitness - I've felt rubbish pretty much for the last 4 days - the only way I can describe how I've felt is if you can imagine someone has stuck a vacuum hose in my mouth in my mouth and sucked out every ounce of energy I have - seriously not good - I have just been trying to rest as much as possible - I have an appointment with the CFS team tomorrow so it will be nice to talk things over a bit
* General stress - Kind of a good and bad this one - I had an appointment with the Job Centre / DWP today for a review - I was dreading it since I got the letter last week - they usually make you feel like shit but the lady I spoke to today was very nice, and she has given me some pointers to get some more help which is good
* Royal Mail as per usual hmm
* My nails are awful at the moment every single one has snapped off over the last week :(

* less than 3 weeks to my holidays :)
* I didn't gain any weight this week - OK I didn't lose any but I managed some stability which was great considering the piggy start I had to last week
* My make up today is the perfect no make up look - sorry I didn't have time to take pics and I'm not sure they would have shown up anyway. A bit of concealer, a dusting of mineral foundation, a little bit of Urban Decay - Virgin all over the lid, a slick of mascara, and a bit of MAC tendertone in Tender Baby on my lips as I looked perfected but not made up in the slightest :)
* I placed a little order to cheer myself up yesterday - I managed to find Orly Space Cadet online - I originally wanted Mean and Green from Venomous Villains but I heard this was a duper so I thought I'd get it shame I have no nails to put it on at the moment :(
* My Blog Sale - thanks to everyone that bought something I really appreciate it - your goodies should be with you soon - there are a few bits left so don't forget to have a look and see if there is anything you would like x
* After last weeks water coming through the bathroom ceiling escapade we got it fixed yesterday it wasn't the roof it was something to do with the guttering hurray no more unexpected showers :)

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