Monday 6 September 2010

Goods and Bads

Time for my weekly more goods and bads thankfully more goods this week :)


* The roof got fixed - hurray just in time because it's forecast for rain tomorrow
* It my mums birthday tomorrow - I am making her a special meal including a cheesecake which I've just finished and is in the fridge :)
* Talking of food I lost another 2 lbs this week which was a bit of a shock I've been bad over the last week and I've had a few treats eek
* Less than 26 days to my holidays :)
* My Avon's just came I'm very pleased with my order - more on that tomorrow x
* My mum bought me the new Rimmel mascara and some Cadburys Whole Nut from Tesco as a treat :)


* First Choice - we booked our holiday with First Choice and yesterday the seating plan etc for the flight came on line - not only are me and my mum in different rows but we are also nearly at the back of the plane. Not good my mum requires aircraft assistance and the use of the cabin lift (she can't climb the plane steps). The seats they had allocated us were right at the back of the plane ie miles away from the cabin lift the comes in just behind the cockpit. It means my mum would have to walk down the full lengtH of the plane to her seat she can't walk very fast or well so it would be a nightmare, with other passengers trying to get on and off. Anyway she rang them up again (she had already spoken to the Special Assistance team when we booked the holiday) and hopefully on the day we will now be allocated disability seats behind the bulkhead hmm we shall see we are going to ring up a few days before to be sure
* I've had a few really bad ME days last night I was all shaky and weepy and on Saturday I was just in pain all day :( I am going to see the ME/CFS team in a few weeks for a review appointment

That's it really feeling OK today, not to many bads, and I'm quite excited as to what my mum will think of her pressies etc. :) I'll pop up some pics of my Avon goodies sometime tomorrow and I'll try to put up some pics of my mums meal and pressies too :) xx

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  1. Congratulations on your diet going well and I hope you have a great holiday. :)



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