Friday 9 July 2010

Product Rave - SBC Arnica Gel

After my little tumble the other day so many of you both on here and on facebook and twitter said I should get some Arnica - thankfully Arnica is something that I already know and love. My Arnica product of choice is the SBC Arnica Gel. Used for centuries to treat bruising and aches and pains Arnica was something I first encountered many years ago from a friend. We were on holiday in Blackpool and we'd gone bowling and what happened, the ball came back up the shoot too quickly and my thumb was squished between two very heavy bowling balls. Back at the guest house my friend produced a tube of Arnica cream which I slathered on my throbbing thumb, and than applied a plaster -the next day there was no indication that anything was wrong, no swelling or bruising and my nail was still intact.
Anyways years later I was diagnosed with ME /CFS, for those of you that don't know as well as exhaustion and numerous other nasty symptoms, sufferers can also experience severe muscle and joint pain, and muscle spasms. Watching QVC as you do I listened to Alison Young talking about the SBC Arnica Gel, and how it could help with joint and muscle pain. Well me and my mum took the plunge and ordered some. I have to say I've found it a huge help, whether it's psychological I don't know but it certainly makes a difference.
As it comes in a light alcohol/ water based gel texture it's easily absorbed and it has a pleasant herbal smell. The gel texture means that it's more economical to use, and you can literally use it all over your whole body if you needed to. You also use it as often as you need to. Unlike the creams (which I've also found effective although they work out more expensive in the long run)it also comes in much larger containers - the pump action dispenser pictured contains 1 litre.
I would definitely recommend this product - it's one of QVC's top sellers and I can see why. I would always suggest you talk to you doctor if you have any pains, etc. - (I use this alongside prescribed and over the counter medication) but I certainly believe there is something to be said for herbal treatments such as this. You can also buy a bath soak, which I also use regularly, a shower gel and they have also recently introduced a Warming Arnica Gel which I really want to try. I bought my bottle here from QVC but I believe you can also buy it directly from SBC

(Oh, and you'll be pleased to hear my toe is feeling a lot better - thanks partially to liberal Arnica gel applications, the swelling has gone down and the bruise is already starting to fade - it would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you well wishes x ;)

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