Thursday 1 July 2010

Report Says Much Better

Well here we are again the start of another month - it's time to look back at June - well I have to say I've done much better in both my spending diet and in trimming my stash this month

Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite 10 Day Serum 75ml
L'Oreal Lash Renewal Serum 7.5ml
Panama Jack Peaches and Screen SPF 8 240ml
Liz Earle Eyebright 50ml
Mavala Nail Shield Phase 1 10ml
Lancome Palette Mix Complexion Concealer Kit 01
Boots The Spa Hydrating and Conditioning Body Moisturiser 125ml
Boots The Spa Mineral Bath Soak 125ml
Lacura Face Care 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes
GOSH Show Me Volume Mascara 12ml
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 100ml
Lush Cupcake Mask 75g
Mavala Nail Shield Phase 2 10ml
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover 150ml
Lush Marilyn Hair Moisturiser 225g
Butter London Powder Room Nail Polish Remover 2fl oz
The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter 200ml
The Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath 400ml
BioSilk Silk Therapy 0.5 fl.oz

I finishes 19 items :)this month which is a huge increase on last months 6. I even managed a make up item too. I am nearly finished another few things too a couple that could even be finished by tomorrow - woohoo
I also did lot better in my monthly spends this month and managed to stay under my limit :)

No17 Lipsticks and Botanics Eye Make Up Remover - Boots - £11.97
Superdrug Goodies - £10.59
Avon Super Extend Mascara - £5.00
Magazines - £9.50
Vantage Cotton Buds - 69p
Total So Far - £37.75

It was tough and I have to admit I was bought a few things this month but I've proved to myself I can do it :) I've already made a purchase this month but my mum has bought me the one thing I wanted from the new MAC collections - expect a couple of posts on some MAC bits :)
This month I read a book by Avis Cardella called Spent in it she discusses the term Oniomania - no it's not about root vegetables, Oniomania is the clinical name for someone who has a compulsive desire to shop i.e. me but I've proved to myself I can show restraint I just need to keep at it x I CAN DO THIS!!!


  1. Oh I am so gonna read that book. Well done with your monthly spend. I should prob do that. I may do it in the back of my notebook.Tee hee

  2. Well done Lou thats brilliant, its really hard to restrain yourself. Since i've found out about baby i've been so much better with buying things, its been really good for me x

  3. Well done that is brilliant going using so many things up. I am really trying but getting nowhere xx

  4. I'm finding it hard too, Lou. But you are doing very well. Much better than me anyway.


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