Monday 5 July 2010

In The Groove Haul ?

I don't know if one item really constitutes a haul but as it turned out I only ended up with one item from the latest MAC collections In The Groove and Superglass. I wouldn't have minded some more things recent blog posts and You Tube videos have left my drooling over Stereo Rose, some mineralize blushers, and lots of lipsticks but my mum was kind enough to buy me the one thing I really wanted and that was good enough for me. I recently had a serious look through my make up collection and to be honest I was bit shocked not only be how much I own, but more by the similarities of things own. Lots of peach / coral tones blushes similar to NARS orgasm, loads of nude and baby pink lipsticks and glosses, loads of similar eyeshadows, it goes on and on. I will more than likely use most of what I've got but it's becoming more and more likely that some things are going to sit there unloved for sometime. I might do a little blog sale at some point because I did find a few bits where I thought why did I buy this? but we'll see Mummy LouLou has first dabs as always at my leftovers ;)
Anyways said MummyLouLou was kind enough to buy me something I'd wanted for sometime Petticoat MSF. As per usual I had to rely on MAC online but the one I was sent whilst radically different to some of the pictures I'd seen is very beautiful. A little darker than some pictures have suggested and with gorgeous gold veining it really suits my skintone
swatches from L to R - dark veining, light shade, gold
I think this is so pretty - everyone is going insane for Stereo Rose but don't forget to check this one out too x


  1. Hi hun,

    Yours looks really beautiful, I love that its a bit darker but more gold in it. I bet its gorgeous on. I ha I ven't managed to get my mitts on any of them, metro counter was sold out I think :( but I'm a bit like you got loads of similar sorts of stuff really, that I could do with using up!!

    I'm loving an old boots no7 highlighter bronzer thingy and have been using it loads, its broke tho, into bits n theres not much left!!! I' m looking for a dupe for it, the only thing similar in colours peachy and bronzey browny tones is Dior amber diamond, which I may get with my boots points or something xx

  2. Thats a lovely tone, I just bought a colour wheel by NYC beacuse I'm so unsure of taking a risk on blushes etc I don't want to spend alot then hate it.
    Great recommendation though :)

  3. @Layna - argh I new the Metro would have sold out of everything :( Amber Diamond is ok but tbh I have a Presitge product that gives exactly the same effect for 1/4 of the price :(

  4. It's so beautiful! I am glad I have seen this as I am now awaiting the arrival of mine from mac online even more so! Great swatches! :) I have wanted Petticoat for a long time.

  5. How lovely of your Mum :) It looks very pretty!


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