Monday 12 July 2010

The Sky At Night

I'll start by saying I'm having a super bad ME day - I didn't wake up till after 3pm and I feel like death so yet again huge apologies for being so behind in posts. I really am going to try and catch up later this week - I'm planning on doing my Brush Guard review, a little Dorothy Perkins haul, my greige /taupe nail polishes and at least one TAG - phew - thankfully most of my pics are already done eek I just need to grab a bit of energy from somewhere lol
Anyways I tried to upload this last night but silly blogger was taking too long so I've stuck it on my You Tube channel - Like most people I was watching the World Cup Final, and I have to say as a football fan I was more than a bit disappointed, the Dutch tactics were disgraceful - from a country that prides itself on total football their mission appreared to be to kick spain off the park! God Knows how many players Howard Webb booked - I know he's received a lot of criticism today for not sending more players off but to be honest if he had sent more off he would have received just as much criticism for ruining the game - hmm referees really can't win. So Spain were worthy winners but the game itself as well as being dirty was more than a little bit dull so I ended up looking out of the window - the sky was amazing purple, pink, and orange, almost a little bit like MAC Azalea Blossom at times - I couldn't get a good picture so I made a tiny little video which was partially interrupted by a Dutch sending off x


  1. Sorry you arent feeling well
    Our sky was fab last night too

  2. Wow, that sky is just stunning.
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow x


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