Wednesday 7 January 2009

Whoops A Daisy

Why is it that I always make my doctors appointments for possibly the coldest of wettest days ever.
Thankfully I got a lift along to the doctors yesterday which was just as well due to the sheer amount of snow and ice - nevertheless it was decided that I would walk home after my appointment. I knew that this was a bad idea almost as soon as I left the surgery to collect my prescriptions and get a few magazines. The path was like an ice rink - the only way people were walking about was to walk alongside the walls where the majority of snow and ice had melted!!!
I managed to get my bits with only a bit of sliding around but when I was 3/4 of the way home over I went - slap bang onto the ground!!! I hurriedly got up and skidded / hobbled away whilst trying not to die of embarrassment because of course there were loads of people around.
Not only was my pride damaged but I have a huge bruise on my knee and I feel like I have been kicked everywhere (well even more so than usual!).
Note to self don't go out in the ice Note to Durham and Derwentside Councils -SALT YOUR PAVEMENTS!!!!!!

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