Wednesday 14 January 2009

Next Come Up Trumps

People often argue that customer service in this country has gone down the pan and to be honest certain incidents have meant that more often than not I have agreed with them but not today.
A few months ago I bought my mum a kettle and toaster set from my Next Directory, on only its second use the toaster blew up, fusing all the electric in the house with it.
Thankfully nobody was hurt but understandably I contacted Next to complain - they profusely apologised and took the kettle and toaster away for further investigation and replaced them with more expensive models for no extra charge.
To be honest I thought that would be the end of it but today I received a recorded delivery letter from Next with the results of their investigation and a £25 gift card!
Well done them I say - moreover I can feasibly spend the vouchers without breaking my spending ban ! Despite that though I can see some major temptation ahead of me as I am braving the Metro Centre tomorrow with my mum!
Argh - I only want a few bits - face wipes, undies, Body Shop Cranberry goodies if they have any (This is only because Body Shop Online screwed up my pre ban sale order - thankfully they have refunded me £14 which should be enough)- so hopefully the £20 I have in my purse and some Boots points should cover this little lot - Wish Me Luck!!!

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  1. Hi Lou Lou! Its good to know Next customer sevice is good, i know some places are so rubbish. How ae you going with the resolutions? Em x


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