Saturday 24 January 2009

Hanging In There - Just!!!

Well I am still on both my diets both spending and foodie wise but both are proving pretty hard to stick to :(
Spending wise I have seen loads of stuff I want to buy, especially from ASOS, and I could really do with a craft storage trolley - I also have a £5 off La Redoute voucher, and due to the VAT cut my Look Again account is in credit i.e they owe me money !!! I really sound like I am trying to convince myself don't I :(
To try and keep myself going I have got a few books out of the library concerned with money saving and spending diets and have picked up some good tips, e.g. freebie hunting, cancelling policies I don't need and so on. Some of them are just wacky - hitch hiking in this day and age - I ask you ! or take too much effort becoming a credit card tart anyone?
I have also got loads of useful advice from this website - don't forget to sign up to the newsletter :)

Foodie wise I am finding it a bit of a struggle too - why is it the things that taste the nicest have the most calories - My first weigh in is on Monday - wish me loads of luck!

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  1. Hi Louise,
    Good luck with the diet, wish I had the self control to go on one. I would love to lose a few pounds.
    That money site is great, I often get some good money saving ideas from there!


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