Wednesday 7 January 2009

Bill Paying and Mini Spend

A little update for you readers.
So far this month I have made payments to a catalogue, a store card and a credit card, and my phone bill has came out by direct debit !!
So far so good as long as I don't buy anything every little will surely help.
OK I have bought a few bits but they were allowed or classed as urgent or essentials. My monthly mags and a few bits from the Avon sale to go towards my Mothers Day pressie (Aren't I good thinking ahead!!!) are classed as allowed in my money saving plan and a Memory Stick for my new lack of optical drive laptop and my prescription are essentials.
Must admit I have been majorly tempted by a few bit bought by some of the handbag girls including a gorgeous Primark dress and shoes, and some lovely jewellery I saw on the Dorothy Perkins website - must stay strong though!

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