Thursday 19 October 2023

Collaborative / Partnered Post - 5 Ways To Help The Man In Your Life Embrace Sporty Fashion*

I know this isn't the post that I promised but I have something a little bit different for you today. I don't mention men anywhere near enough on this blog but today's post is just for them or dare I say it for their partners, sisters or even mums who often buy their clothes ;) If you feel the man in your life needs a little wardrobe update, and one that he'll actually embrace, of if you're anyone that loves the sportier side of fashion then this post should be right up your street or should I say pitch ;).
With every season that passes, the stores are full of new trends, styles, and pieces, to either update your wardrobe or to give us a completely new look. You know what some men are like though, 'I like what I like', 'I don't like change' - yeah I bet you've heard it all before but no matter what their own personal style I can pretty much guarantee that the man in your life has at least one tracksuit or one pair of trainers in his wardrobe, so if you want him to embrace the new sporty and athleisure trends and wear something more sporty or athletic, then here are a few essential items that he (and you) might just like.
Sporty Shirts & Hoodies
Now if you're a football fan like me then you'll have seen an increase in both pundits, managers, players and owners wearing casual yet smart polo shirts, instead of dress shirts, both in the studio and in the stands. Something like a Moncler polo shirt, or something without an obvious logo looks fantastic, and adds a sporty, casual vibe to even the most structured of outfits. Pick the right shirt and you can team it with chinos, dress trousers or even a pair jeans, and you can add a comfortable, casual, sporty element to even the most polished of outfits.
Now you can't talk about the whole sport and athletic trend without mentioning the hoodie! Probably the most stolen and borrowed item by girlfriends, partners and wives, the hoodie is the ultimate athleisure fashion item - pick one with a graphic design or brand logo, for that high fashion sporty look, or pick a plain one, that goes with anything and can be dressed up or down, oh and if your lose it check your partner or sisters wardrobe ;)
Baseball Caps
If the man in your life is always overdressed, and you're looking for something stylish yet sporty, this might be the ideal entry point. It's, let's face it, the baseball cap is the ultimate sporty accessory that adds a little capsule of coolness to an outfit. A classic look with a neutral cap can be a great way to go, or if your guy is into sports, then you can get them one with the favourite sports team logo or brand on it. You could always wear it slightly tilted to the side rather than backward for that street-style edge; however, you've got to be age-appropriate here! I'm all for you do you but if you're a little bit older remember that you're not Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and your not 15, riding your bike around a supermarket car park anymore, if you're a fan of the old baseball cap please remember that there probably is way to wear it and a time and a place for it, and christenings and confirmations are not the one! ;)
Ah the tracksuit - an old favourite, no matter whether you're playing sport or just hanging out, this sporty ensemble has made a little bit of a comeback in the last few years, but going for the matching set of tracksuit trousers and tops or jackets, can be a difficult look to pull off. It's got that whole “footballer who's just finished training” vibe but it doesn't work for everyone and dare I say it, it can look a little bit lazy, and 'thrown on'. The best way to pull it off is to make sure you opt for neutral colours for a timeless look, such as grey, black, or navy, and something lacking in too obvious logos. If the man in your life is feeling brave though, or he wants to channel his inner Premier League footballer, then the more high end logos, loud patterns and colours the better!
Now we can't talk about trying out sporty styles without talking about trainers. You don't have to be a sneaker head to have heard about the big boys, Adidas, Nike, and Puma! Long gone are the days when you could only wear trainers with joggers, shorts, and jeans at a push - again cast your eyes at any football pundit or even football club owner and you'll see a pair of crisp white Nike's teamed up with dress trousers or even a full on suit for that true Hoxton vibe. White trainers will always be a classic but colours and in particular, yellow luminous sneakers are becoming a lot more trendy these days, you probably have to be a certain person to get away with them, and you don't want to look as though you're trying to direct the traffic ;), but if you want to make a statement or add a bit of pizzaz to even the most conservative outfit then adding a pair of trainers is any easy way to do it, just make sure that their clean though, nothing looks worse than a pair of dirty trainers!
A Duffle Bag
As a woman who is obsessed with bags, it's fair to say the the majority of men don't share my passion but we should all recognise the importance of functional accessories that can add a little something to any outfit. It goes without saying that if you're embracing the sporty trend then you'll need a bag to match and a sporty duffle bag, or sports bag with either obvious or subtle athletic branding can be both practical or stylish. It doesn't matter whether you're carrying your gym gear or your laptop, a bag will always add that finishing touch to your outfit, be that a tracksuit or a hoodie and a pair of jeans.
Achieving a sporty look is all about embracing athletic-inspired fashion and incorporating it into the everyday style. You don't need to wear sportswear head to toe but just a little hint be it a polo shirt, or even a pair of trainers, will elevate an outfit and add a sporty spin to just about any clothing combination. Whether you like the man in your life in a suit, something casual, or in a pair of grey jogging bottoms, it's important that he's happy and comfortable. There are is nothing worse than wearing something that isn't you, which is why the sportswear trend is such an easy one to embrace, it can be as full on or as subtle as you like, and it's super easy to wear, oh and there are plenty of elements which you can appropriate to your own wardrobe if you feel the need, so it really is a win, win!
*Collaborative / Partnered Post

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