Friday 27 October 2023

Collaborative / Partnered Post - 5 Ways To Give The Man In Your Life’s Appearance And His Confidence A Boost*

You know what? We really do love the men in our lives but as I said in one of my previous posts some men can be a bit blase about the whole fashion and beauty thing, and whilst we 100% love them just the way they are, there is nothing wrong with wanting someone you love to make the best of themselves. So if the guys in your life, be that your partner, your dad or your brother seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut, then here are a few fashion and beauty tips to give him a bit of an ego boost.

Help Him Opt For Quality 

I talked a lot about men's fashion a couple of posts ago, and whilst cheaper fashion is great for trying out a new items or a new style, it's actually better and makes more sense to have a smaller selection of good quality items and outfits that look great and work for you rather than having a wardrobe full of one offs, mistakes and things that don't really work for you. This is definitely a piece of advice that I need to follow as well! Although it is technically a capsule wardrobe it doesn't have to be scary, and no you don't have to starting clearing out your partners entire wardrobe just yet! Christmas is on it's way so consider picking up some good quality t-shirts, tops and hoodies from somewhere like about:blank clothing, whole sell a wide range of casual, and smart casual basics and fashion pieces that will really help lift your partners personal style.

I know things are hard financially for a lot of people at the moment and the temptation to buy cheaper clothing is strong, but as I know personally it can be a false economy. Instead of buying things you need, you end up buying things you don't really want thus filling up your wardrobe, and making that whole what do I wear today thing much harder. Something I should really do more of is try and work out the cost per wear, buying a better quality item may cost a bit more initially but if it's a basic, and something you'll get a lot of wear out of it then in the long term you may actually end up saving money. It isn't true in all cases but spending more money on a better quality product should mean that it lasts longer than a fast fashion equivalent. 

Teach Him About Body Shape

As well as choosing quality products, it's important to thing about sizing and fit. This isn't about losing weight or toning up it's all about Dressing for his body shape, and buying clothes that actually fit. I'm all for freedom of expression and breaking fashion rules but wearing clothes that don't fit properly is a bit no no - yes we can all throw on an oversized hoodie but it can look sloppy, and as though you just can't bothered (probably true in my case;), and the same applies about wearing something that is too small, not only does it not look great but it can also be really uncomfortable.

He might hate it but take him shopping, look at styles, and if you can stretch to it, get him professionally measured, or even take him to a personal shopper, a lot of larger stores and shopping centres have them and it's a great way of helping someone out of a style rut and helping boost their confidence. It doesn't matter whether it's something smart or casual, if something is the wrong size or just unflattering then you don't look or feel good.

Consider Grooming Tips 

I know it's a bit of a stereotypical viewpoint but historically when it comes to beauty and grooming a lot of men are sadly lacking. Thankfully that is changing and it's become a lot more acceptable for men to care about their hair, skin and their overall appearance, and whilst making the right fashion choices will instantly upgrade his look, spending a little more time in the bathroom, will be both an immediate and a longterm confidence booster. You can start off simple with a hand wash, a new fragrance, or a new shower gel before gradually introducing him to a proper skincare regime. So many skincare brands now do regimes specifically for men so if he's a real mans man nothing will looks too girly, or feminine, so he really has no excuse not to give it ago. 

It's kind of expected that everybody gets toiletries for Christmas so it's the perfect opportunity to buy the men in your life a beauty product or two, and if you really fancy giving him the pampering and love that he deserves then how about booking him an appointment at your nearest salon. So many salons now offer male packages that include facials, brown grooming and a manicure - all guaranteed to boost his look and his self confidence and gain you a few brownie points.

When we're it grooming though, it's important not to ignore our teeth. There really is no worse turn off than bad breath and yellow teeth. So make sure your guy, be it a partner or your dad keeps up with his dental hygiene and stock up that bathroom with toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash, and make sure he has regular dental appointment to maintain his stunning smile.

Find Him The Right Hairstyle

Most women appreciate the impact of a winning hairstyle and how it can influence their overall appearance. However, many men fall into the trap of keeping the same cut for virtually all of their adult life, unlike the majority of women that I know ;) If someone you love is stuck in a bit of an appearance rut then finding a modern style that suits his face shape, and personality can work wonders. Do a little bit of research online, or pop into a salon or barbers for advice, and don't forget to buy him a few hair products to maintain his new look.

Make Sure He Smells Great

I don't about you but I use perfume every single day, I love to smell nice, and I think that fragrance is a real confidence booster, and thankfully most of the men that I know feel the same way. Hopefully long gone are the days when the man in your life drowned himself in body spray, and so much cologne that you could smell him a mile away (why do teenage boys do this???). If your man doesn't wear fragrance, or he's on the look out for something, then The Versace Eros eau de toilette is often labelled a great scent for date nights. Find something you both love, and you'll be driven wild, and his confidence will be sky high!

I know some of these are a bit stereotypical but there is nothing wrong with wanting someone you love to make the best of themselves, and even if the man in your life is perfect as he is, I hope this post has given you a few little gift ideas to help him boost his self confidence.

*Collaborative / Partnered Post

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