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Unboxing Pink Parcel UK - September 2019 Edition - Urban Tribe Edit*

I've had so many good intentions lately when it comes to blogging, but as per usual nothing has gone to plan, so I'm playing catch up again. I've got a couple of posts that should have been up last month to do and then 'hopefully' I can get myself back on track.

My first catch up post is a very later review and unboxing of September's Pink Parcel. Septembers box came in the traditional grey and pink outer packaging, and again the boxes inside were a combination of old style Pink Parcel, and Betty Box boxes, with a nice pink leaf design fabric pouch.

Apparently this is the last time that we're going to see any of the old style packaging. I haven't received my October box yet but apparently October's box will be all shiny and new, with a new design, and more environmentally friendly packaging. I haven't seen any October unboxings so far, and I haven't see any hint so I excited to see what Pink Parcel have came up with.

Now I mentioned in my review of August's box that I'd received an email from Pink Parcel telling me that my chosen sanitary products were being discontinued, so I had to go onto the website and reselect another product. In the last few boxes I've received a mixture of brands which probably down the my chosen items been discontinued but in this box, everything that I got was what I'd requested from Bodyform, and again I received 24 items in total.

Before I get into the contents of my "For You" box in one of the pictures above you have noticed something extra in my box, now I don't know if this was just a randomly picked extra, or if it was something that every subscriber received because it wasn't mentioned in the official contents email, but whatever the circumstances it was something that I was happy to get, and happy to try.

Hairflick Hair Vitamins - 1 Week Travel Pack

Although I think that I eat a fairly balanced diet, thanks to illness and medications, I don't always think that it reflects that well in my hair, skin, nails, and in my general appearance. My hair in particular always seems to bear the brunt of my flares, and as a result I'm always on the look out for treatments, shampoos, and conditioners to help tame, and heal my tresses, but lately I've actually been thinking about whether topical treatments really are the only solution, and I've been looking into whether or not food supplements or vitamins could help.

The trouble is though a lot of these supplements contain either animal or fish gelatine, or collagen from shellfish neither of which I eat as a lacto ovo vegetarian. Thankfully though these hair gummies from model and reality star Amy Willerton are cruelty free, gluten free and they are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Containing biotin, folic acid and essential vitamins, they have been extensively third party tested and claim to improve hair growth, strength and health, and to help repair damage and breakage.

All you need to do is just chew two of these super cute star shaped gummy, chews a day. They have a lovely fruity blue raspberry flavour so it's really no hardship - they are so nice you honestly wouldn't realise that they were vitamins.

It's really hard to tell whether or not they work for just one weeks supply but my curiosity has been sparked, and I'm definitely considering trying at least a month's course in the future. One months supply has a recommended retail price of £19.99 direct from Hairflick.

So that was a nice little extra but there were also some pretty nice things in the "For You" box. the theme of September's box was the Urban Tribe Edit, which was all about leaving summer, and holidays behind, and getting back to basics and back to the grind stone.

So Susan Cosmetics Dream Maker Light-Shifting Highlighting Cream - Private Jet - 10ml - Full Size - RRP $29

The first official item in the September box was an item from subscription box favourite brand, So Susan. They used to be pretty much a mainstay brand but I actually haven't had anything from them in a while so it was nice to receive a new item from them.

The brand tag line for So Susan is "where colour meets science" and all of their products all contain some form of skincare grade ingredients. They are  also a cruelty free, and vegan brand that is PETA certified, their products also contain no mineral oil no parabens, no gluten, and no phthalates, and they are also hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.

I do love a highlighter and this one is just that little bit special - according to So Susan, this is a cream - gel hybrid, that contains an ultra concentrated mix of mica and holographic rainbow particles, that adapt to the skin tone for that finish shade and finish. As well as that this product also contains Bioactive Tetrapeptide 21, and edelweiss but of which are antioxidants and help to brighten the skin and fight the appearance of fatigue.

Sound good but what does it look like? Well the shade I received was Private Jet, which is officially described as a Champagne Sparkle. 

I must admit I doesn't look too much here, but apply this ivory coloured, cream highlighter where ever you would normally apply your highlighter or even mix it in to your moisturiser and foundation and then see the magic happen.

The result is a gorgeous lit from within, brightening multi dimensional shimmer, that adds not only a beautiful highlight but it almost seems to enliven and waken up the skin.

In the pictures below I've used it over a foundation and a loose powder, which probably wasn't the best idea as it did separate and go slightly patchy. As I say it has a creamy texture, but it isn't too wet or sticky but I still think that it would probably work best over just foundation or tinted moisturiser, or even just on top of your skin care or even on your bare skin.

Natural Light

With Flash

I am slightly irritated by the fact that I just can't seem to do this stuff justice in any of my photographs, it really does have an almost holographic, multi dimensional radiance tonight, that I really can't capture. I'm a huge highlighter fan and this is a really pretty one. You can buy it and the several other shades that it comes in directly from So Susan for around $29.

BLUE IRON Liquid Iron Supplement - 30ml

As I said earlier as a vegetarian I'm always conscious about what I eat and my vitamin and mineral intake - a lot of vegetarians can lack vitamin B12 or Iron but touch wood I've never had any issues with either of those, sometimes though especially at that TOTM I do feel a bit more sluggish, and tired than normal, so I usually try and up my vegetable and pulse intake. A lot of people though take some sort of supplement and the next item in the box is a perfect boost for when your feeling tired and under the weather.

BLUE IRON is a liquid iron supplement that combines nordic blueberries, which are full of vitamins and antioxidants. with a liquid Fe3+ Iron Supplement. The addition of the blueberries apparently makes it taste better than a lot of iron supplements, and it also apparently has no gastrointestinal side effects. Adding a bit of extra iron to your diet can reduce tiredness and fatigue, and boost energy.

This sample contained 30ml - As an adult BLUE IRON recommend a daily serving on 10ml, so that was 3 days worth. It had quite a pleasant fruity taste at first but it did have quite a metallic aftertaste which I wasn't as keen on.

If I did need an iron supplement I would definitely consider taking something like this as opposed to take yet more tablets. I also like the idea of the extra vitamins from the blueberries. A full 330ml bottle retails at around £14.99 direct from BLUE IRON.

Natura Potato & Parsley Infused Under Eye Mask - 1 x Pair - 3g

Beauty Pro are another subscription box favourite, and this particular product comes from their Natura line. It isn't a face mask this time though it's another eye mask. I've has a couple in various subscription boxes lately but this is the first one that I've actually managed to try. 

From the Natura line which is suitable for vegans, these under eye masks are designed to brighten and rejuvenate the under eye area, and to reduce darkness and puffiness. They contain potato and parsley, as well as aloe vera and eucalyptus extract. 

This sachet contained a single pair of hydro gel masks, the masks were sandwiched between two thing sheets of plastic but unfortunately my masks had slipped out and were actually stuck to the inside of the packet!

I do love the feel of a hydro gel mask and these were no exception - They were nice and wet, and they actually stuck to the skin quite easily and they stayed put. They felt nice and cool when they were initially applied, but they gradually warmed up, and dried out slightly on contact with the skin. They had a nice slightly herbal, eucalyptus based scent but it wasn't too strong, and it didn't cause my eyes to water or sting.

Natura advise that you leave the masks in place for around 20 minutes, I probably left mine on for nearly 30 and it didn't cause any problems. They were really easy to peel off and there was very little if any visible residue remaining on the skin, the skin did feel tacky for a couple of minutes afterwards though.

I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't take any before pictures so you can't see a true comparison. You can still see a bit of darkness and puffiness in the after picture but it was a definite improvement. My eye area looked and felt more refreshed and I definitely didn't look as tired. I can't give a price estimate on these as they are normally sold in packs of 3 but if you fancy trying them yourselves a pack of 3 retails at around £5.95 direct from Beauty Pro, and from Feel Unique.

Mane Club Cha Ching 5 In 1 Deep Conditioner - Scent Berry Rich - 50g - Full Size - RRP £2.99

Something else that seems to be a pretty regular item in the beauty based subscription box is the hair mask, I've had so many lately but I love trying new ones. Alas I'm in the middle of trying out some new products for a future review so I haven't tried this one yet but I'll let you know my thoughts on this one when I do x Every Pink Parcel subscriber received one of 6 hair masks from Mane Club in their September box, and the one that I got was Cha Ching  - Berry Rich Scent. 

Mane Club are a New York City based indie, haircare brand. As well as being fun and affordable their products are also cruelty free and junk free. Not tested on animals, all of their products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, drying alcohol, and artificial colours.

This 5 in 1 hair mask that claims to condition, tame frizz, strengthen, to repair and to add shine, has a rose, raspberry and vanilla scent, and contains plum and pomegranate extract, grape seed oil, and wine extract. As I say I haven't tried this yet but I'll let you know my thoughts in a future empties post. Mane Club products are available in Boots and this particular sachet retails at £2.99

Avant Skincare Supreme Hyaluronic Acid Antioxidising Duo Moisturiser - 10ml

Next up a product from a brand that I've discovered in a big way this year, Avant Skincare. I've received a couple of their products in various editions of Glossybox including the Avant Skincare Pro Perfecting Collagen Primer Touche Eclat that I got in the June edition, and the Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream, that I received in the January edition, and I have to say my opinions have been pretty favourable. I like the products but the price tag puts me off. For that reason though I'm really pleased that Pink Parcel have jumped on the Avant bandwagon all be it with a pretty small sample size.

Containing hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to help plump, moisturise and restore the skins natural glow, and avocado to hydrate and soothe, this moisturiser aims to prevent the signs of ageing and nourish the skin from within whilst at the same time combating enlarged pores, fine lines, and an uneven skin tone.

Designed to be used morning and evening after the corresponding serum, this product is pale blue in colour, has a fresh green smell, and it has a cream / gel texture. It's not the most moisturising cream that I've ever used and it doesn't have the most slip to it but it's perfect if you have an oilier skin, it sinks in quickly, and it leaves the skin smooth and with a nice matte finish that would be an ideal base for make up. If you have a drier skin or if you like a heavier, more moisturised feel then I don't think that this would be enough for you, Avant recommend that you use it alongside the corresponding serum, which may make a difference. If you have an oilier skin though and you want a moisturiser that's hydrating, without being oily or heavy then this could be worth trying.

I can't find a price for this sample size but as you've probably gathered this product is a little bit on the pricey side the full 50ml size retails at £100 from various retailers including direct from Avant, and also Fragrance Direct, Beauty Expert and Look Fantastic.

Doisy & Dom Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa, Maca, Vanilla, & Cacoa Nibs - 25g

Mmmm chocolate, I don't whether it's down to vitamin deficiencies or just a general mehhh mood, but I always want chocolate when I have my period - any old chocolate will do but good quality stuff just seems to hit the spot just that little bit better.

Doisy & Dam pride themselves on their high quality, ethical and sustainable chocolate creations. They produce "healthier" chocolate that contains no more than 8 ingredients in every bar as well less sugar and fat, and every bar contains some form of super food.

All of their dark bars are vegan including this one which combines slightly bitter dark chocolate, with crunchy cacao nibs,  a hint of sweet vanilla and the kick of maca root.

It was a nice rich, quality chocolate, it was slightly bitter but it was balance out with the merest hint of vanilla, and some slightly fruity notes. The cacao nibs were a nice addition, and added a nice crunch and a slight nuttiness - kind of like fruit and nut but better for you!

I can't find a price for this size bar on its own but a pack of 7, 25g bars in all of their flavours retails at £8 direct from Doisy & Dam. The range is also available from selected retailers including Amazon, and Holland & Barrett.

Offblak Generation T Future Is Pink - Earl Grey & Rose - 1 x 2.5g Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea Bag 

As well as containing a £5 off voucher to join the Offblak T-Club subscription box scheme, September's Pink Parcel also gave you a chance to try one of Offblak's signature tea blends.

Offblak's have a no BS approach to healthy lifestyle tea, and their whole brand aims is to inspire creativity, and a creative lifestyle. It's not just tea it's about a lifestyle so it's basically trendy, tea for the Instagram generation. 

As well as the newly launched tea subscription box that I've just mentioned Offblak also sell a good range of teas and infusions including this high caffeine black tea, that combines the traditional flavours of Earl Grey, with lemon peel, lemon grass and rose petals.

Now Mummy Lou is a huge Earl Grey fan so instead of having to steal this I'm actually going to be a good daughter and I'm going to give it to her. A one off pack of 12 pyramid tea bags retails at £4.99, but can also sign up for subscriptions are regular deliveries on the Offblak website.

Although I'm really late in talking about it I'm actually really pleased with the September 2019 edition of Pink Parcel. The contents was well thought out and it was perfect for recharging, reviving and regrouping. The stand out products for me were the Hairflick gummies, and of course the So Susan highlighter. Hopefully I'll be a bit quicker in posting Octobers contents than I was with this one, and with the new box design, and make up items from Cougar and Laritzy. I'm already looking forward to it. If you fancy trying Pink Parcel for yourself, have a look at their website via this link to find out more, and to subscribe x Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon with another post x

*This Post Contains Both Affiliate And Non Affiliate Links 

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