Saturday 5 October 2019

Nails Of The Day - OPI Infinite Shine 2 Gel Lacquer - Show Us Your Tips

To break a few samey type of catch up posts, I thought I'd throw in a little nails of the day post for you. A lot of my nails of the day post so far this year have been re shoots, and have a featured a few polishes that you may have seen before, this one is a relatively new one, I'm not sure how long I've had but it's definitely one of my newer additions.

When it comes to nail polish, OPI are definitely one of my favourite brand, they move with the trends, they're always introducing new formula's, and I don't know how they don't but always seem to create new and fresh colours. Now this polish is the first OPI lacquer that I've tried in their Infinite Shine formulation. Basically this is OPI's gel effect nail polish line. They promise an HD gel like formulation, that lasts up to 10 days, but without the fuss of an LED or UV light, or with all of that soaking and time that it takes to remove a real manicure.

The shade is the quirky named, slightly double entendre ridden "Show Us Your Tips" and it's a shade that was originally release as part of 2016 New Orleans collection. Officially described as a periwinkle shimmer, it's a gorgeous, blue, lilac shade, packed full of silver sparkle, it was actually quite a hard colour to capture, in real life it's a touch less blue and bit more lilac, but like any polish with sparkle, there is a slight amount of colour shift.

Despite the fact that the formulation is slightly different the iconic, and much copied OPI bottle remains the same, only instead of the traditional black textured cap, you have a smooth, mirrored silver top. The bottle contains the familiar Pro Wide blush - I'm a huge fan of this brush, it's so easy to paint with, if you have thin nails like I do, one stripe is usually enough.

I was expecting this polish to be a bit thicker than normal but that wasn't the case. The first coat was quite patchy, as was the second on some nails so I needed 3 coats to achieve the finish that you can see here. The formulation dried fairly quickly so I had no problem with applying multiple coats.

Even though it includes a lot of sparkle, it has a super smooth feel, and an ultra glossy finish. Normal OPI's are usually pretty glossy but this seemed to have a bit of extra shine. Unfortunately the up to10 day wear claim didn't really pan out. Admittedly I am pretty harsh on my polishes, but I only managed around 3 to 4 days without a top coat, which about the same a regular OPI colour.

Despite that though I'm still pretty pleased with this polish, although I didn't experience much of a difference in way wear time, I definitely saw a slight difference in the shine and the finish. I'm not sure I'd buy this formulation ahead of OPI's original and iconic polish but I would definitely consider trying it again. As I say this shade was part of the 2016 New Orleans collection but it's still widely available in both the original formulation (which I also own in a mini), and in the Infinite Shine formula. The full 15ml size of OPI Infinite Shine Show Us Your Tips retails at £14.50 direct from OPI but it's worth shopping around as I have seen it cheaper elsewhere x Are you a fan of this shade? Let me know in the comments x


  1. It's a very pretty colour and shimmer :-D

  2. I just bought my Mam MAC products. I hope she'll enjoy them and get results as positive as yours.


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