Saturday 19 March 2016

Primark Haul - March 2016 Edition - Clothes, Beauty, Jewellery And Home

Greetings from LouLouLand, or should I say cough and sniffle land! After managing to keep it at bay for what seems like weeks, on Wednesday I eventually succumbed to the horrible cold virus that seems to be floating around at the moment. Despite feeling beyond yuck, I feel way better than I did yesterday and on Thursday so I thought I'd try and get a little post and a video up just so you don't forget who I am :)

On Monday I managed another Primark trip - hurrah I love a good Primark trip, almost as much as I love a Costa Mango Creamy Cooler :) and on Monday I managed to combine the two :)

Normally I just go to Primark to have a look round and see what's new, but this time I went for something specific from their home wear section.

Yes, it's the daisy cushion, to match the duvet set that I featured in last months Primark haul (you can read it here if you haven't already). I'm obsessed with daisies and I'm obsessed with cushions so it was only natural that I went back for this one. It comes in two sizes but this one is the larger of the two which was £6.

The cushion comes with a zip fastening, removable cover, and like the bed set it's double sided. One side features the huge yellow and white daisy on a blue background, and the other features a daisy chain pattern, on a coral pink background.

I haven't managed to put the duvet set on the bed yet but I'll definitely post some pictures on my Instagram page when I do. In the meantime though I'm using this cushion with the gingham, check side of the IKEA Rosali bedding and strangely enough, the pattern clash seems to work. That's why I love interiors so much, it's like fashion sometimes things that shouldn't work, just do.

Next up beauty and I eventually managed to find out where the beauty stands had moved to. If you're looking for them in Primark Metro Centre you'll currently find them right on the back wall next to the nightwear and underwear, but take a tip from me, if you're looking for make up don't bother!

I know the staff can't supervise the stands all the time but you'd think they'd try and keep a bit of an eye on them? The majority of the make up items had been opened, and there was bronzing powder over everything! It was a total mess - I loved the look of the Velvet Lip Pencil in Nude but every single one had been opened and tested or broken :(

I was really disappointed but I cheered up a little bit when I saw some of their new make up brushes - swoon so pretty with matte black handles and rose gold ferrules, when I looked at the price, I had to pick a few up to try.

The first brush I got was duo fibre stippling brush, ideal for use with foundation or cream blush products. I use this type of brush an awful lot but especially in the summer when I use them with cream blushes and my Chanel cream bronzer.

For me this brush is probably a bit small to use with foundation but it's something that I'll definitely get plenty of use out of. The fibres feel nice and soft on the skin, and at just £1.50 the PS Stippling Brush is definitely worth a try.

The next brush that I got was a double ended eyeshadow and concealer brush, again in the matte black and rose gold this brush double ended brush can either be used for powder, liquid and cream concealer or for eye shadow.


The brush features two different sized heads, both of which are made of super soft, duo fibres. Whilst the fibres are soft and silky though the brushes heads themselves have just the right degree of density and firmness, to make blending and precise application a breeze,

This brush believe it or not was just £1 - if this had different branding on it I'm sure that it would sell for a lot more else where. I'm definitely going to have another look at the brushes next time I'm in store, and I definitely think I'll pick up another one of these.

My final beauty purchase was surprise, surprise, another two packets of the PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Wipes. I've been doing a lot of swatching lately and I went through nearly a packet in a week so I thought I'd stock up - these are a bargain at just £1 for 2 packets of 25 wipes.

Clothing wise I only picked up a few essentials - the summer things are nearly all in store now but I just can't get excited about summer just yet. I don't have any holiday plans and I'm not happy with my weight so I think I'm just going to hold fire at the moment and not go out and spend money on things I don't really need, hence I just picked up a few bargaintastic basics.

I guess you could argue that these jeggings are really a summer purchase. The very, very pale blue colour is probably more appropriate for the dry days of spring and summer but the price was too good to turn down. I own a few pairs of these jeggings in different colours now and they normally retail at £7 a pair but they were on offer for just £5.50. My only advice would be that you probably need to size down in these as they are quite stretchy but they're cheap and they're comfy.

Speaking of comfort I don't think that there is a piece of clothing that it more comfortable than a pair of leggings. Find the right pair and they feel like a second skin, but finding the right pair isn't easy. I've bought so many pairs of leggings it's untrue some cut your circulation off, some bag at the knees and some are just well, perfect, unfortunately they never seem to last that long, and about 3 weeks ago now, two pairs breathed their last and ended up in my mam's rag bag.

So I needed to replenish my stock and to be honest I think Primark's leggings are as good as any. I tend to go for their viscose mix and they feel really soft against the skin. The sizing is generous and the price is even better, they are normally £3 a pair, but on Monday they were on offer at just £2.80 so I took advantage and got two pairs.

That was it for clothing but I did mange to pick up a couple of jewellery pieces including this super cute bracelet from their new Disney collection

Despite the fact that it says bracelet I actually bought this as a necklace never mind it's really sweet just a very fine gold tone chain, with a gold tone Mickey Mouse head charm attached, It's really sweet and really delicate and it was a bargain at just £2.50. They also had a few other pieces including a crystal embossed Mickey head necklace and a Love necklace, where the O is shaped like a Mickey head. I'm not the worlds craziest Disney fan, but I do love cute jewellery pieces so I'll definitely be back for more.

The final jewellery piece that I picked up is the complete opposite, where as the Disney bracelet is small and delicate, this silver tone bracelet is a real statement piece.

This elasticated bracelet is on a small, irregular bead band, and features a large, silver tone, filigree charm, with a long silver tassel dangling from it. I don't know what it is about this but I had to have it the minute I saw it. I like layering my bracelets and I think that this would work equally well on it's own, as it would alongside some of my more delicate pieces. It was just £2.00

As I say just a small haul but I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful anyways. Before the sore throat hit I managed to record a quick video to accompany this haul so don't forget to watch it via this link or below x

Thanks for reading and watching and if you've been to Primark recently I'd love to know what you bought so link me up or let me know below x


  1. I haven't tried out Primarks make up brushes but I use Wilkinsons premium beauty ones and they are amazing! No need to shell out tonnes of money when we can get fabulous cheap ones!


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