Tuesday 8 March 2016

Changing Your Nail Polish - OPI Golden Rainbow

As much as I loved the glossy black, sophistication of OPI's Never Have Too Mani Friends that you saw in my previous post, after a few days I fancied a change.

Black nail polish is amazing on it's own but when you use it as a base for a glitter it takes it to another level. Instead of taking off all of my polish and starting from scratch I revived my tired manicure with a layer of sparkle.

OPI Golden Rainbow is a clear base which is crammed full of gold glitter and sparkle, and larger pieces of holographic glitter. You can either paint on as you would a normal polish or you can use your brush to pick out and place the larger pieces of glitter.

I just painted it on and the effect is magical, it works particularly well on darker colours, but you're left with a twinkly, sparkly top coat that would liven up even the most boring of nails colours, and not only that but it's also great for hiding the odd chip, or imperfection in your manicure.

I love this look and I'm definitely going to start experimenting with different top coats, and glitters, and layering my polishes. What do you think of this look? Let me know x

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