Sunday 27 March 2016

Models Own Mini Egg Mani

Hey everyone x I hope you've all had a lovely Sunday, and if you celebrate, I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be on a diet I still received a large bag full of chocolaty, Easter treats, and when you throw in the chocolate cake sitting on the table in front of me and a Creme Egg Cheesecake in the fridge, you could say that I'm pretty chocolated out. 

I'd initially thought about sharing an Easter chocolate recipe with you (salted caramel truffles anyone?) but I'm starting to think there is such a thing as too much chocolate so I thought I'd be good and share an Easter themed manicure with you instead.

As the name would suggest the Models Own Speckled Egg collection contains polishes which are designed to replicate the look and feel of not only real birds eggs but also those sugar candy, coated chocolate  Mini Eggs that we all love so much.

Okay the colour isn't exactly the same but you definitely have that mini egg like feel. Models Own NP202 Swan is a beautiful lavender, blue shade, with a is crammed full of varying sizes of black, matte glitter, to give that speckled egg look.

I love the effect but I have to say this colour was a real pain to apply. The lavender base was very watery and very sheer, and it took at least 3 coats to achieve this depth of colour, and slightly textured finish. The sheer amount of polish that you had to apply obviously altered the wear time and I saw my first chip after less than 3 hours.

As I say I like the effect but for the time it takes to apply it just isn't worth it. In future I think I'll just use this polish as a top coat over a lilac or lavender block colour to achieve a similar look without the hassle. You win some, you lose some, and whilst this polish wasn't a winner, the mini eggs that I used in the pictures most certainly were - yum yum! Have you tried any polishes from the Models Own Speckled Egg line? Let me know your thoughts x 


  1. This is such a cute colour and your spot on it really matches the eggs.

    Tasha x

  2. Shame the polish didn't leave you feeling EGGstatic, looks like you had a CRACKING time trying though and eating the choccie was as EGGstra bonus...sorry couldnt resist!! Happy Easter. June -


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