Wednesday 30 December 2015

How To Make Your Wedding Or Everyday Manicure Last*

Although marriage isn't on the cards for me at the moment (or even ever!), chipped and peeling polish is the bane of my life. No matter what the brand, nail polish just never seems to last that long on my nails. I've tried different brands and different base coats but according to this article maybe it's the basics that I'm getting wrong..

How to Make Your Wedding Mani Last

Getting married requires a lot of primping with a manicure being on that list of things to do. However, if you get your manicure ahead of time, you run the risk of it not lasting until the wedding. However, with the following tips, you can get your mani to last through your wedding and the honeymoon.

Give Time to Dry

Nail polish takes a long time to dry, even if you think they are dry after a couple minutes. It takes about six to ten minutes for your nails to completely dry and harden. One of the most common mistakes with women is not giving their nails the ample time to fully harden before doing tasks, causing the polish to chip.

Unfortunately, this also means that you do not have the ability to get on your phone, even if it is to make a phone call, text your friends, or check social media. The smallest piece of dirt brushing your nails before they are completely dry will mess up the manicure. Even if you are at one of the best wedding venues in Surrey, stay inside while your nails dry.

Go Easy on Lotion

The number one rule about having nail polish applied is make sure your nails are completely clean and void of any residues. It is imperative to wipe your nails prior to applying polish with rubbing alcohol and then dry them completely. This will give you a clean surface to apply the polish to the nail. However, you also want to make sure that you do not heavily use lotion after having polish applied as well. The lotion will soften your nail, causing it to warp slightly. When it hardens again, it can cause the polish to chip. On the other hand, you want to consider using cuticle oil to keep your cuticles healthy and moist.

Use Thin Coats

Even if you are in a hurry, you want to make sure that you use thin coats on your nails. Thick coats may look darker, but they are more likely to chip. The best way to apply nail polish is applying one swipe in the middle and then use it to smooth on either side of the nail. Repeat this two more times so you have three very thin coats. Finally, don't skip the top coat, as it seals the polish and hardens the nail. This will leave you with a manicure that is free of chips or smudges.

Do Not Soak Your Hands

The worst thing you can do for your manicure is to let your nails get wet for extended periods of time. It is important to think of your nail like a sponge. Water and chemicals are extremely harmful for them. Water will cause your nails to expand and warp, and then they contract during the drying process. This will lead to your manicure chipping. When given the option, take a shower or keep your hands out of the water and always use gloves when washing dishes.

If you combine these tips with having your nails professionally done, you will maintain your manicure for days.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for making your nail polish last longer? Let me know x

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