Monday 7 December 2015

Another Small Primark Haul - Clothes, Jewellery And More

Although we all seem to be shopping for other people at the moment, it's important to treat yourself every now and then. I wouldn't go as far as to see I believe in the one for you, one for me philosophy but at this time of year we need to show ourselves a little bit of love. I don't need an excuse to go shopping but I've been in Primark quite a few times lately picking up the odd pressie and it goes without saying that I picked up a few things for myself.

These carnival style LED lights have been one of the big home trend of 2015, and it's a trend that I've loved. I never managed to get my hands on the Primark star but after a lot of searching I managed to get my hands on this Love sign.

This was just £12 and I think it's well worth the money. It's made of an off white coated metal, and it goes perfectly with the white star that I got  a little from 24Studio (you can see a picture of it here). I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put it yet but the fact that it's battery operated gives me a few different options.

Primark has some gorgeous clothes in at the moment, and I'm currently lusting after their long line knitted waist coats, and their sparkly party wear, but sometimes you just need to say NO and show a little bit of restraint. Despite wanting to buy half the store when it came to clothing I only bought two jumpers.

Okay I didn't really need another Christmas jumper but look Gingerbread people, how could I resist, especially when it was reduced from to just £7.90. It's got a nice thickness to it and I love the applique button eyes and the pom poms on the hat.

From a happy Christmas jumper to something plain, and a bit uninteresting in comparison.

I'm going to be honest with I picked this up and put it down twice, before taking the risk and leaving it on the rail. The trouble was I couldn't stop thinking about it so next time I went to Primark I headed straight for it and luckily they had one left in my size.

This is a very lightweight, soft, oversized black jumper that's longer at the back than it is at the front. Initially it looks quite boring at first glance but look at it more closely and you all sorts of different design details. It actually has a ruched crossover detail at the front. It looks nothing on the hanger but it's one of those tops that just looks right. It is quite sheer so you need to wear something underneath it but it looks great as a layering piece over leggings or skinny jeans. It was tagged at £9 but when I got to the till it was just £8 - a complete bargain for something I know I will get a lot of wear out of.

Black is such a practical colour when it comes to clothing and accessories, it with absolutely everything, and it's a real wardrobe essential. I already have black gloves, scarves, and hats but I didn't have a black snood, in fact I didn't even own a snood. They are so practical though you can use them as a scarf, and you can pull them up and use them over your head. This one is just in a plain black, soft touch knit and it was just £2.

That was it for clothing, home wear and accessories, but I did buy a few jewellery pieces, including this necklace.

You can't see this piece too well unfortunately, but this necklace is from the newish Opia Rose range. Rose gold is so popular at the moment and if you can't afford the real thing this line gives you the look without the price tag. It's a lovely copper tone and this plaque necklace was just £2.

I love both delicate necklaces and chunky pieces, but at the moment I'm in a delicate, layering piece phase. This thin gold, tone chain features a small gold tone disc, which is embossed with a small gold heart. It was reduced to just 50p.

Something that I love but that I don't wear often enough is rings. During my university years I was one of those girls that wore a ring on every finger but these days rings are for high days and holidays. That needs to change though and in 2016 one of my aims is to wear a lot more of my jewellery and to work my way through my extensive ring collection. So starting as I mean to go on, I couldn't resist adding a few pieces.

This one is just a chunky gold tone, geometric band which is set with a large grey, marble effect acrylic stone. This one was just £1.50.

The other ring that I got was a little bit more expensive at £2.50 but you are getting real semi precious stones. I'm a huge sucker for Tigers Eye, and this gold tone, double band effect ring, contains both a round Tigers Eye stone and an almost Planet Earth like, cloudy blue stone with could be Sodalite. They also do a matching necklace and some matching earrings, which I may have bought Mummy Lou for Christmas :)

The final thing that I got in Primark was something else that would be great for gifting -  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Lip Balm

These individual twist up balms are just £1.50 but they also have a couple of gift sets in store. I'm not 100% sure about how good this will be for the lips, but it such a sweet taste, it could definitely help with those chocolate and sweet cravings.

So that was my latest little Primark haul, as I say they have a lot of good stuff in at the moment, including lots of gifting options and of course lots of things to treat yourself with. I've made a little video to accompany this haul so don't forget to take a peek and subscribe to my channel x

Thanks for reading and hopefully watching and I'll see you soon with more posts and more videos x


  1. Some great stuff here. I love the Christmas jumper!

  2. I think I need to get myself to Primark quickly! I love the light!!

  3. Nice haul, the Christmas jumper is really cute. :)

  4. I Love the Christmas jumper and the carnival style LED lights!

  5. I love the LED lights but all the ones I have seen have been WAY out of my budget and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a trend that probably wont last forever! This is well within my budget....I hope they have some left ;)


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