Thursday 17 December 2015

Gary Cockerill - Simply Glamorous* - The Perfect Gift For A Make Up Lover

After a lot of contemplation around 4 years ago I eventually rook the plunge and bought myself an e-reader. It really has changed how I read, it's convenient and portable and a real must have if you're a speed reader like me. Although I'm now a e-reader convert though, in my opinion some books just need to be read in the original paper and ink format - cookery books, fashion tomes and of course beauty and make up manuals.

From the moment I was old enough to understand the concept of make up, I started collecting beauty books. Now I have a nice little collection of books dating back to the early 80's. Some of the make up was pretty scary in those days, but you can still pick up all sorts of make up tips, and they're also a great historical archive as to how make up has changed over the years. Although blogs and You Tube are now fabulous resources for learning about beauty and make up, beauty books still have a place in both the beauty industry and in this beauty junkies heart.

2015 has been a good year for beauty books, with a wide range of releases covering everything from general beauty tips and hacks, to step by step make up tutorials. There really has been something for everyone this year, and it goes without saying that I've made a few additions to my little collection.
One of the most recent additions to my shelves is Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, which is published by Jacqui Small.

Photo credit 'Images from Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, photography by Vikki Grant. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)'. 

Starting off as a coal miner, Gary Cockerill is largely a self taught make up artist,who is now one of the UK's most successful and in demand celebrity make up artists, who counts the likes of Kelly Brook, Martine McCutcheon, Jerry Hall, Isla Fisher, Katie Price, and David Beckham amongst his  celebrity clients His large body of work includes stage and screen work, editorial make up, events and print and visual advertising.

Cockerill is famous for his super, sexy glamorous make up style, and despite being as busy as he is with his celebrity clients, and the launch of his own colour collection which is planned for next year, he's still found the time to release his second book (the first was an autobiography), to not only showcase his own talent but to share his knowledge and teach us some of his favourite looks and techniques.

Gary Cockerill's philosophy is that "external beauty promotes inner confidence" and that's something that's evident throughout the book, it's all about making us look and feel confident and about how make up ,can make us make the best of ourselves. The book is divided into three sections - Eyes, Lips and Face and each section is full of hints, tips, beautiful photography, and make up tutorials for 15 different looks. As well as professional models Gary demonstrates on both family, and friends, and women of all ages and all skin tones.

Photo credit 'Images from Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, photography by Vikki Grant. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)'. 

The first section is all about the Face, and as well as advice on skin health it contains tips on determining your own skin type, skin tone and face structure and shape. It also contains comprehensive advice on how to conceal, what foundation type to chose, and a section on blusher and bronzer, as well as information on how to prime the skin and a tutorial on one of the trends of the moment, - how to contour.

The Face chapter also contains 5 full detail, full face tutorials Barely There, Girl Next Door, Toffee And Cream, Sun Kissed Beauty and Timeless Beauty.

The next section is all about the Eyes, and as well as covering all the basics such as eyebrows, different shadow texture, eye shape, mascara and different shaped wands, false lashes and eyeliner application, Gary also highlights some of his all time favourite eye looks and provides another 5 stunning tutorials for all occasions, Sleek and Chic, Colour Rush, Showgirl, Precious Metal and Sex Kitten. It also contains a chapter all about Smoky Eyes which demonstrates 3 different smoky eye looks - a Sultry Smoky Eye, Bedroom Eyes, and Rock Chick Eyes.

Photo credit 'Images from Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, photography by Vikki Grant. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)'.

The final section is all about the Lips, and again Gary gives us a lot of advice on determining and altering our lip shapes, as well as advice on different lip product textures, his own favourite lip colours, and how to wear colour, and both a classic red lip and a nude lip.

Photo credit 'Images from Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, photography by Vikki Grant. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)'. 

The Lip section also includes another 5 full face tutorials, with the lips at heart including a Fairy Tale look, Pretty In Pink, the almost Marilyn Monroe esq, Bombshell look  that you can see below and another red lip look Glamour Puss.

Photo credit 'Images from Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill, photography by Vikki Grant. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)'. 

Simply Glamorous also features a section called One Face Four Ways, where four different looks are demonstrated on the one face. I love this small section because it helps to dispel the myth that only certain looks and shades suit certain people, The same Caucasian model wears everything from a pared down day look, to a full on dark lip, smokey eye look, it really shows that you can and should try different things an move out of your comfort zone

The final section of the book is little bit of a directory when Gary talks about the make up brushes that you need in your kit, and about some of the skincare, tools and make up products that he loves and that he uses in his kit Throughout the book he doesn't name brands he'll just say use a brown eyeshadow but here he talks about his favourite products, This is a really interesting page to read and it's fab if you want to try a new product or add something to your wishlist. The list features lots of different brands, and features products at all price points from Barry M and Bourjois, to Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel and Tom Ford.

Whilst I wouldn't say this book is necessarily for a complete beginner, it contains a lot of basics and information about creating some of the most popular looks, and some of the most popular techniques in make up. Every look that Gary creates is perfectly executed and well explained. This book is called Simply Glamorous and as you would expect there are a lot of dramatic, catwalk and party looks, but there are also a lot of easy glamorous and sophisticated day looks that anyone could achieve with a little bit of practise. I know from experience and from my mum's constant complaints that it's often hard buying presents for make up obsessives, you don't always know what they have or what to buy, so if you have a cosmetic junkie in your family or in your group of friends them I would definitely consider buying them this book. There is lots of information and tutorials, and the photographs are exquisite. This is a great coffee table book and it looks great but it's also something that people will use and learn something from  Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill is published by Jacqui Small in hardback and it currently has a recommended retail price of  £25. Are you a fan of beauty books? Let me know in the comments x 


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