Saturday 13 June 2015

The Perfect Summer Blush Courtesy Of Essence*

Although today is cloudy and grey at least for the last couple of days, it's felt as though summer is here at last -The sun's shone, and it's been pleasantly warm, and dry. Will it last? who knows but it's certainly made me feel a little brighter.

I've been a reading a few blog posts lately about how you change your make up for summer and it's got me thinking. I'm definitely not one of those people that has a summer and a winter make up bag but I do make a couple of changes here and there

I probably tend to wear less make up in the warmer months but the make up that I do wear has to not only last but it also needs to adapt to my changing skin tone and the changes in lighting and in fashion. 

I'm a huge fan of bright colours, as anyone that has ever met me would probably tell you, but in the summer everyone has free reign to wear brighter colours both in their clothing and in their make up. In the summer I tend to move away from my traditional neutral face palette and I tend to play with colour a little bit more. Someone once said that you should only wear blusher the same colour as your cheeks would naturally flush, well I think that's rubbish!.I love experimenting with different blush tones depending on my outfit, the rest of my make up and the changing seasons , but when it comes to the summer time, it's peaches and corals that I reach for.

I have a lot of peaches and corals in my collection but lately I've been reaching for this budget offering from Essence.

Essence Silky Touch Blush is 90 Summer Dreaming is perfectly named, it's one of those gorgeous bright, summer, peachy ,corals with just a hint of shimmer, that everybody needs in their collection.

In a world where packaging is everything, the clear plastic packaging, maybe wouldn't win any awards for glamour or style, but it's practical and functional, a little bit like the blusher inside.

Equally at home when worn for a night out, or for summer sightseeing, Summer Dreaming has a soft, smooth texture, and pigmentation that some higher end brands would crave.

It blends effortlessly into the skin, and leaves the cheeks with a beautiful wash of peach.

This is a pretty blusher that would deserve a place in any summer make up bag no matter what your budget, age or skin colour. Essence Silky Touch Blush in 90 Summer Dreaming retails at just £2.50 for a 5g compact. A fabulous price and a great blusher, what more could you want? If your in the UK , you can get your own, either from an Essence stand alone store, or via Wilko or the Wilko website. Are you a fan of peachy, coral blusher? Let me know x 



  1. Love these blushers. Can't remember the one I have but its so pigmented and for the price too, it's fab. X

  2. This is such a beautiful shade, it really suits you too :) I love Essence blushes, they're definitely comparable to higher end brands. x

    Jordan Alice

  3. I'm curious to try this blusher!

  4. Such a gorgeous colour and it looks sweet on you! :) I love Essence but never tried their blushes, I'll have to cheek this out next time that I pass on a counter! xx


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