Monday 15 June 2015

A Collective Clothing Haul Featuring Next, H&M And More

When you're unhappy with your appearance, it changes everything. For a girl that normally loves clothes shopping and fashion, my last few shopping trips have left me feeling miserable and uninspired. I compare myself to others way too often and the thought of shopping in actual shops at the moment is depressing the hell out of me, especially when you can't find anything above a size 14 in Primark, so I did what any sensible person would do and turned to online shopping.

Trying something on in your own home is a much better way to look at something objectively. If you're having a rubbish day, you can leave the package until you feel as though you're in a better place. Everything in this haul bar one item was an online purchase, and even though I'm feeling a bit mehh I managed to get a few practical items, and a few fun items that I'll enjoy wearing. Oh and the trousers and the skirt all have an elasticated waist so even if I do lose a bit of weight they can be easily altered - see despite my negativity I'm still trying to be a practical and sensible fashionista :)

I'm going to start off with one of the fun pieces and I said in my previous beauty review post I love bright colours, and I love vibrant prints, so this top fits the bill perfectly.

It was something that I ordered from QVC of all places. When you think of QVC and fashion, you probably think like I did that they only se;; comfy, and casual clothing for those who are getting on in years. Well you couldn't be more wrong, okay they do sell ranges that are probably more appropriate to someone of say my mum's age but I'm a firm believer that you can find good wardrobe pieces in the most unexpected of places. QVC UK currently sells BIBA, a range by Trinny and Susannah, and a diffusion range from top designer, Issac Mizrahi, as well as exclusive, quirky pieces from internationally renowned designers such as Butler & Wilson, and Bob Mackie.

Although American designer Bod Mackie is probably better known for his work with celebrities such as Pink and Diana Ross, and of course as the designer of Cher's 1988 Oscar costume, he also designs a line exclusive for QVC. Wearable Art By Bob Mackie is a line of easy to wear, eye catching pieces, that showcase both his design and artistic talent.

This top is made of a soft, silky, slinky type fabric that feels beautiful against the skin. I love the psychedelic prints that he uses, and for someone who isn't normally a pink fan, I love the almost, clashing colour combination. Unfortunately this was a clearance item and no longer seems to be available on the QVC website but if like me you love quirky, retro and bright prints, it could be a brand to consider.

I'm all about colour and something that seems to appear every summer is neon. I love brights and whilst neon isn't always the easiest thing to wear, this shirt from the Definitions brand at both Very and Littlewoods seems to have got it spot on.

This sheer white shirt features a floral design in both bright and neon shades. My pictures aren't really doing the colours justice but this is an easy way to wear neon if your scared of wearing block colours.

Unless you're brave you would probably need to wear something underneath it, but I've mainly been wearing it with skinny jeans and sandals, one of my go to combinations that suits a variety of occasions.

I'm a bit obsessed with shirts and florals at the minute so as well as ordering another Definitions shirt I also ordered this one from Next.

With an ecru background this long sleeved shirt buttons half way down, and is covered in an exotic floral print.

This shirt was £20 and it also comes in a tan colour way. This pattern seems to be pretty popular with Next this season and you can also get a sleeveless shirt, and a three quarter sleeve top in the same print.

One online store that delights and annoys the hell out of me in equal measure is H&M. I really like their clothes for basics and for something a bit different. Their online store drives me nuts though - they've only recently got a search option and please don't order anything if you want it in a hurry, but the website has a good selection, and it offers the full range of sizes, so for me more often than not it's worth the risk. This time round I got a few basics including some of these.

Harem pants are something that you either love or hate but I'm a huge fan. They're comfy and in the summer they can be a bit cooler than leggings, speaking of which...

Yup, leggings, but these are very different to the basic leggings that I normally wear around the house. Not only do they have a high waist but they are also made of a thicker, more substantial material and they almost seem to suck you in a bit, without being skin tight. They are a bit dressier than my normal leggings and I would be happy to wear these outside of the house.

Something else that divides opinion is combat or cargo pants. I haven't worn them for quite a while now but I've seen so many images of them being used as part of the utility / sports chic trend that I thought I would give them another go. I'm planning on wearing them maybe with a vest and some tan leather sandals but we'll see.

As much as I love pattern I'm not that confident about wearing it on my bottom half, in fact Mummy Lou embraced the patterned trouser trend way before I did, but once I'd tried it I couldn't get enough. These are my fourth pair from H&M and I think that they are probably the boldest to date. I love the warm colours and the almost Moroccan type print

The last thing that I got from H&M was a skirt. It's navy blue and has front pockets and an elasticated waist. It's very slouchy and perfect for the summer months.

It was £24.99 which I think is expensive for what it is and annoyingly it's now on sale at just £12, but guess who's now ordered the blush pink version? Yes me!

From something practical to something a little bit silly, a little slogan t-shirt from ebay.

I love this tee, and as someone who feels more confident online, than what they do in real life, it was a must. You can get these t-shirts from a variety of ebay sellers but this was the seller I used, and it was £9.99 with free postage.

My final online purchase was something from the George range at Asda. I always have a look through the rails when I'm in store but I haven't been in for a while so I had a little look online and this midi skirt literally jumped out at me.

Described as red, it's a really vibrant orange. It has an elasticated waist and it's made of a scuba type fabric, and it has two faux zippered pockets on the front. It was just £14 and you can still find it here on the Asda Direct website.

I don't know whether it's to do with the change in the weather or down to an attempt to lift my mood? but I'm really loving orange at the moment. It's such a happy colour and my final clothing purchase and the only purchase physically done in a shop, is in a fabulous, zingy orange colour.

It's just a basic bat wing cardigan, nothing exciting, but when I saw it on a Primark sale rack its colour dragged me in and I couldn't leave without it. It was only £5 reduced from £10 so it was a bargain. I love wearing orange in the Autumn to match the leaves as well so this is a buy that should easily take me right through to October and beyond.

If you want to see all of my buys in a bit more detail then you can watch the accompanying video that I've made especially for you x

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