Tuesday 9 June 2015

A Shoe And Accessory Haul Featuring Mel, Primark And More

This week on the blog I'm going to make a huge effort to get a few outstanding posts done including some long awaited reviews and a few belated hauls. I'm really conscious that it looks like I've been shopping non stop but all of the items in this haul and in the next one I'm going to show you have been picked up over the last couple of months. It's quite scary when you realise just how much you can buy with just the odd item here and there, it all adds up to a lot of stuff eek.

Anyway this is the first of two fashion hauls, I might do a video to accompany the next one which is a clothes haul but it will definitely be live this week, but in the meantime this one is all about shoes and accessories.

One of my earliest ever memories is sitting on the floor at the Tommy Ball's shoe warehouse in Blackburn, amongst a rack of shoes - we regularly used to make the trip down to Lancashire and I think it's one of the reasons why I'm so obsessed with shoes. Give or take a bit of swelling, shoes will always fit you no matter what your size, and I love them for that.

One of my favourite shoe brands is Mel, the diffusion line of rubber shoe manufacturer Melissa. Rubber shoes I hear you cry? Well yes and if you haven't tried them you should I have a few pairs of their pumps and some of their flip flops and they are so comfortable. My feet have never felt overtly sweaty in them and smell of bubblegum.

As you might have seen in one of my most recent posts I'm a huge fan of catalogue shopping, and both me and my mum have a few catalogue accounts, one of which is Littlewoods. Recently they sent me a discount voucher which to be honest I wasn't going to use until I had a look at the shoe section and saw these.

These are the Mel Flower Flip Flops, and I love them I'm a huge fan of daises as you probably now and I just loved the sharpness of the black, white and yellow design. These were £32 full price, and although they don't have them on the Littlewoods site, Top Shop also stocks them in a bright yellow.

Naughty LouLou, I couldn't just stop at one pair though could I, I also ordered and subsequently kept these ones too.

These are the Mel Honey 3 Flower Detail Flip Flops, and they originally retailed at £30. I already have some Mel ballet flats with a similar design and they remind me quite a bit of the Chanel Camellia's.

I think I'm slightly obsessed with Mel and Melissa shoes and I can definitely see myself adding to my collection this summer. Very have a similar range to Littlewoods, and Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins also have a few nice styles, as do ASOS who stock the higher end Melissa line and a few designer collaborations. Hmm I think I might get some more ballet flats if I'm honest, I wear my black bow ones an awful lot, so they would probably be a better investment than buying yet more flip flops.

Speaking of flip flops, I also bought a pair from Primark. As well as flip flops in all the basic colours, this year they're also doing a character range with the likes of Minnie Mouse and Frozen. I liked them but I went for something from the men's department.

Minions! sometime large feet have their advantages, I usually take between a 7 and an 8 depending on the brand, and the Men's size small fitted perfectly. I loved the Minion Havaianas but I've only ever seen them in children's sizes so at just £3 these were a great alternative. As yet I'm not going away this year but I'm such a child and I'm so excited for the Minions movies that I just had to pick these up.

Pair of shoes number 4 and it's a pair of Converse. I only have one other pair of Converse which are
hi tops, and whilst I do like them, they can sometimes be a pain to put on when your in a rush, with all of the laces, so I tend to reach for my low rise Converse a likes instead.

I couldn't quite make my mind between the navy and the white, but in the interests of practicality of went for the navy. My two favourite colours at the moment are probably navy and orange, which are both very different but great summer colours in their own right. The navy and white combination is a real classic and I know that I will wear these an awful lot, in fact I may have already worn them in some pics that I've had taken for an upcoming outfit post - so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot them.

From shoes to handbags, and believe me I love my bags just as much. From designer bags to budget totes, a good bag can make a real difference to any outfit and at the moment I'm loving all the quirky bags that out there. From bags that are shaped liked lips, to ones shaped like fruit and even perfume bottles.

I saw this in the Next Spring sale and I had to have it. I have no idea where I'll use it but I needed it. Its a hard plastic box clutch in the shape of a perfume bottle, and it has label picked out in faux leather. It opened with a snap clasp at the lid and it has a removable chain strap so you can wear it two ways.

I think I paid £12 for this but unfortunately I can't find it on the Next website anymore but you never know it might still be available in store. They also did a playing card bag and a postcard and a Swizzles bag that were very similar in design.

I also got another bag from the Next sale and this one is still a clutch but it's a bit more practical. Again it's a clutch but this time it's just a flat zip up pouch in an almost exotic floral design with a tan zip pull. Apologies but I can't remember how much it was but this too has disappeared from the Next site.

Another Next sale purchase was this necklace. This was originally £40 but I paid £12. I love statement necklaces and this one definitely fits the bill.

It's a really dramatic multi-layer piece with all different types and colours of chain and charms hanging from a gold tone chain. It's quite heavy to wear but it's a real impact piece. Again this is no longer online but you may still be able to pick it up in store or in a Next Clearance.

My final accessory, shoe and jewellery purchase came from...Poundland! I saw this necklace from their Purple Ivy range on a few instagram post and again I love the multi layered look

It's made of silver tone and gunmetal and features various different chain types, and some spike charms. I think it;s really decent for the price and it certainly looks like you would have paid more than £1 for it x

I hope you've enjoyed this little haul, my next haul post will be a collective fashion haul, so you'll either see that up next or some beauty content x Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me a comment x

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