Wednesday 3 June 2015

Fruity Firmness Courtesy Of Lovea - A Review For My Pure*

I've reviewed quite a few products from French brand Lovea over the years but I haven't reviewed anything from them for quite a while, so for one of May's My Pure reviews I decided to revisit the brand.

Lovea produce a wide range of organically certified skincare, hair care, body care, and sun care products, that contain a high level of natural ingredients, and are suitable for vegetarians. The majority of their product contain either Tahitian Monoi, Shea Butter from Burkina Faso or Moroccan Argan Oil but the one I'm trying out this time round is a bit different.

Whether it's down to age, or weight loss and gain, I'm starting to see a bit of wobbliness and slackness on my body skin - woe is me :( I know that the best way to firm up the skin and body is through diet and exercise but keeping the skin moisturised and using the right product can also help.

Lovea Papaya Firming Body Gel is not only designed to hydrate and moisturise the skin but it's also designed to help firm and tighten problem areas. 95% of the ingredients are from a natural origin and the two key ingredients are papaya extract, which is good for moisturising and exfoliating, and caffeine which can help with fluid retention, and help to firm the skin

The product itself comes in a jar and has a thick gel like texture, and an amazing fruity scent, which reminds of tropical, summery cocktails. 

It's a really simple product to use, all you do is massage a small amount, in circular motions into your problem areas. I've predominantly been using it on my thighs, my bum and my tummy but I guess you could also massage it into your upper arms as well. 

It feels quite cool on the skin, but there is no hot / cold tingly feeling like what you get with some products. It takes a little while to soak in completely but when it does your skin is left feeling smooth and a little bit tighter.

I've only been using this for about 3 weeks so I'm yet to see a real difference, bar the initial feel on the skin, but it's a nice product to use so I'm going to keep using it, and enjoying the smell, and hopefully I'll start seeing some results when I combine it with new weight loss regime x  Lovea
Papaya Firming Body Gel retails at £7.99 at My Pure for a 200ml jar. If you have any questions let me know x Thanks for reading x 


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