Monday 3 November 2014

Weight Loss Update - 10 Months In - Still 27lbs Down

If you been following my weight loss progress over the last month both on instagram, and via my weight loss page, you'll have noticed that I haven't updated either. I could make excuses as to why but to be honest what's the point. The truth is quite simple - I haven't weighed myself for a whole month.

I have had so many other things on my mind this month, and I've been so busy doing lots of new and exciting stuff, that thinking about what I've been putting in my mouth just hasn't been that important, to me. I've had one of those months where I've eaten exactly what I wanted, without a thought for the fat or calorie content. It hasn't all being bad as I'm sure Friday's Foodie Review Of The Month will prove but nothing was off limits.

Admitadly I've started the new month at the same weight that I ended the last, so it's not all bad, but I really feel as though I'm on runaway train at the moment when it comes to weight loss. I have a horrible feeling that if I don't start putting the brakes on, I'll undo all my good work from the beginning of this year, and end up back where I started.

Being so busy I guess has highlighted one of the reasons why I struggle with food and weight loss. Because of my varying illnesses and conditions I have really irregular sleep patterns, bad enough on it's own but it also has a knock on effect on meal times. I really struggle with the 3 meals a day thing - Because I have trouble sleeping at night I often don't get up till at least lunchtime meaning that I'm missing out on at least one meal a day. The sensible option would be to replace that meal properly but more often than not I just graze or pick at food instead.

It's easy to blame my illness for so much but I'm making a real effort not to let it define me anymore.
The sleep problem won't be solved overnight but I know I can make a real effort to get out of my rut and change how I eat. Not only watching what I put into my mouth but also by trying to eat regular meals rather than just the one a day and a pile of snacks. ,

It's not going to be easy but I think it's the only way. I did so well at the start of the year by eating two or three good meals a day and cutting down on my snacks so I know that I can do it. So from today I'm calorie counting, and I'm back listening to my Slim and Chill Pods and I'm really trying to get back on it.

I've been a crap role model with this one, I know, but I always said that this would be a hard and long journey for me, and so it proved. I promise I will keep my instagram and my blog page updated for you so you can see how I'm getting on x Thanks for reading and for your support and I'll see you tomorrow with a beauty review x

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