Saturday 1 November 2014

Trimming My Stash - October 2014 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Hi Everyone - Welcome To November - It's so hard to believe that there are only two months of the the year left, and it's scarier still when you think that there are only about 8 weekends till Christmas!-Where on earth has this year gone?

Like every month of 2014, in October I counted my empties and tried to trim my stash, and use up as many beauty products as I could. I already know that I'll be way down on last years figure but I'm still pretty happy with how October went.

MAC Blot Powder - Medium - 12g
Cien Nail Polish Remover Classic - 200ml
Bentley Organic Handwash With Cinnamon, Sweet Orange & Clove Bud - 250ml
Elemis Jasmine And Rose Milk Bath - 290ml
Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes x 25 Wipes
Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash - 125ml
Nair Hair Removal Cream - 100ml
Total - 7 Items

Yes I finished 7 items in October which is one more than I did in September. I also finished a nice mix of products including body care, skin care and make up.

1. MAC Blot Powder - Medium - 12g

Yeah a Back To MAC ! Although MAC MSF Natural gets all the love and the plaudits, I prefer MAC Blot Powder. For me MSF Natural is just a bit too powdery. Blot Powder in my opinion is way better for finishing make up and taking down shine, without adding an awful lot of colour, or chalkiness. The shades are a little bit odd and medium would easily be classed as a light in most other brands but the finish is nice, it can be applied with a puff or a brush and it lasts quite a long time. Would I repurchase? To be honest at the minute the price of £20.50 is a bit prohibitive, so I'm going to be trying out some cheaper alternatives, but I would definitely consider repurchasing.

2. Cien Nail Polish Remover Classic - 200ml

A budget buy courtesy of Lidl - Although admittedly it did cost slightly more than my usual Superdrug remover ;) There are two different variants of this product this one that contains acetone, and an acetone free version which I also have. I meant to review these for you but for some reason I never got round to it. For a product containing acetone I actually found this product quite moisturising, and it certainly didn't leave the nails, white or chalky. I also love the push down, salon style dispenser. It was easy to use, and a lot safer spillage wise. Whilst I'm going to try to reuse the bottle, and the polish remover worked pretty well I don't think I'll repurchase - the reason? the smell! Described as a having a light almond fragrance, this product to me, reeks of marzipan and I hate marzipan!! It scented my nails, my hands and the bathroom, and it lingered it. Nice product, brilliant bottle, shame about the smell.

3. Bentley Organic Handwash With Cinnamon, Sweet Orange & Clove Bud - 250ml

This was a product that I reviewed for My Pure x You can read my full review here x

4. Elemis Jasmine And Rose Milk Bath - 290ml

A product from one of the Elemis sets that I always get (wahoo!) for my birthday and  for Christmas. I love the original Skin Nourishing Milk Bath formulation, and whilst this one isn't quite as versatile, the smell is to die for and it leaves your skin feeling super soft. It was a QVC exclusive for quite while and this size and a smaller one are still available in some all be it pricey sets but a larger 400ml size is also now available from Debenhams from a pretty scary £40! It a lovely product for a really pampering bathing, experience but for the price, it's pretty hard to justify, although if Santa's listening - Pretty please!

5. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes x 25 Wipes

Need I say anything else about there? Look them up, they contain tea tree oil, and their great for emergency, cleansing and refreshing, and for cleaning up swatches.

6. Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash - 125ml

This was either a magazine freebie or a beauty box product. Although the range can be quite highly scented I really like Balance Me products and this was no different. It was a really nice body wash, it smelled nice and it wasn't drying. My only gripe is that smell was more rose geranium, rather than pure rose, but it was still nice and I would potentially repurchase x

7. Nair Hair Removal Cream - 100ml

The most basic one they do courtesy of my local branch of Poundland, and a real essential for me. I don't get on with shaving at all, and depending on my spoonie status, I don't always have the energy or can't stand the pain of waxing or epilating. The does the job and I don't find it too drying. I also quite naughtily use it on my face, because in my experience the facial versions just don't cut it on my thick, dark hair. I've already repurchased and will continue to do so x

So they were my October empties x I'm hoping I can do equally well in November and finish a similar variety of products. I already have a couple of skincare products and a mascara that I know I'll finish, so who knows what else.

Do you have a blog or a You Tube channel, where you do regular empties posts or videos? If you do leave me the link below x  Thanks for reading x

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