Wednesday 12 November 2014

Experiencing The Gift Of Style With Paul Mitchell And Gary Hedley Salons

Although I've been a little bit safe lately when it comes to hair, I love experimenting with new styles, and I love finding out more about new brands and new products. I guess that's why I love blogging so much it's given me so many opportunities to try new things. One such opportunity came last night when I was lucky enough to attend the Paul Mitchell "The Gift Of Style" event in Newcastle city centre.

Founded in 1980 Paul Mitchell is probably the quintessential, professional, salon brand. With a clear animal friendly policy since day 1, they are also heavily involved in charitable organisations, and community events and programmes throughout the world. They now retail in over 30 countries, and produce a wide range of hair products ranging from shampoos, and conditioners to styling products, and styling tools.

The theme of yesterday's event was The Gift Of Style and it was to celebrate the launch of the Paul Mitchell Christmas gift selection. There are gifts in the range to suit all price points, and all hair and beauty concerns. Prices start at just £4.75 for a mini product from the range, going up to £99.95 for a Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Hairdryer. Certain Paul Mitchell salons also sell a range of New CID Cosmetics so you can cover most of your beauty needs in the one place.

There really is something for everyone, but if I had to choose, I would probably go for one of the Art Of Style Gift Sets. They are 9 sets to choose from depending on your hair needs and hair type. Each one comes in a quirky, reusable toiletry bag designed by Australian fashion illustrator Sarah Hankinson, who has previously worked with Harrods, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. The sets contain between 2 and 3 products each and retail at £18 each.

Paul Mitchell at it's heart is a professional, salon brand, so it isn't one of those brands that you can buy in your local store or supermarket. It is stocked in a few retailers including Look Fantastic, but by and large they retail in professional hair salons, that use their products on a daily basis on paying customers.

Yesterday's event was held at one such salon, and one that's proud to be a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon - Gary Hedley Hair. Starting in 1995 with their original salon in Newcastle's prestigious Eldon Garden shopping centre, they now have a further two salons, one in the small village of Burnopfield, and another one in Mosley Street, right at the heart of Newcastle city centre, and within easy walking distance of the famous Bigg Market and the Theatre Royal.

A previous Paul Mitchell event took place in the Eldon Garden branch but this time the focus was their bright and airy, Mosley Street salon. The weather last night wasn't the best - it was cold and windy so me and the lovely Becca chanced it and turned up a little bit early. The staff couldn't have made us more welcome. our coats were taken and we were offered drinks, and ushered into our gowns and our comfy salon chairs.

Since the theme of the event was Christmas and the festive season, we were treated to a dry style with a party, glamour theme. Gareth my stylist was lovely and so easy to talk to. He asked my a bit about my hair, and what I normally do for special occasions. Curls and waves are normally my thing, so we decided to go for a glamorous up do. I love up do's but because of my poor muscle strength I usually can't do them myself so I took advantage of Gareth's expertise.

As well as showcasing his own talents it was also a good opportunity for me to experience some of the Paul Mitchell for myself. He only used two for my dry style, a hairspray, apologies I forget which one, and the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash. I've used dry shampoos for years now and whilst I've liked them a lot, none of them have made me go WOW like this one did! I will be doing a full review of this in due course but on my first impression it blows everything else out of the water.

So using products, heat tools, brushes, bands, and grips, he twisted, twirled, and teased my hair into the most fabulous up do. My hair is quite thick but he managed to coax it into a fabulous twisted bun, that looked fabulous and most importantly felt really secure, and stayed where it was put. I loved it, it was such a glam look and so different from anything that I would normally do x

After I'd been primped and preened it was time to circulate and enjoy some of the salons fabulous hospitality. A topless waiter! brought round orange juice, Prosecco, canapes, sushi and mini mince pies and I had a good opportunity to look at the kits and the products, and have a natter with some other bloggers.

We also had the opportunity to talk to some Paul Mitchell representatives and some of the Gary Hedley staff. Unfortunately Gary Hedley himself, was unable to attend the event due to illness, but his friendly, and talented staff are an obvious credit to him.

At the end of the event we were given a really generous goodie bag containing an assortment of Paul Mitchell products and a fabulous New CID Cosmetics I-Gloss in Tickled Pink. all of which I will be reviewing for you in due course x

I would like to thank everybody from Gary Hedley and Paul Mitchell from a lovely evening, and I'd particularly like to thank Gareth for my hairdo x

To find out more about Paul Mitchell products and salons please have a look at their UK website. You can also buy Paul Mitchell products from various retailers including Look Fantastic and Hairtrade.

If you're in the North East and you're looking for a new hairdresser or even just somewhere different for a one off special style, then I would definitely recommend you check out Gary Hedley Salons, you can find more details including locations and guide prices on their website.

Have you ever tried Paul Mitchell products before? Leave me a comment and let me know your favourites x

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