Tuesday 25 November 2014

Embracing The Coloured Liner Trend With Eye Of Horus Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil*

I'm going to start this post with a bit of a disclaimer, I don't get on with eyeliner! When you combine my facial palsy, watery eyes, wobbly hands and probably the greasiest eye lids on this planet you have a recipe for disaster. Over the years I've tried lots and lots of eyeliners ranging from gels, to creams, to pencils and felt tips, and very few of them apply evenly or last more than a few hours on my eyes.

Like everything else in my life though I refuse to beaten, and I'm always buying and trying new products hoping to find the one thing that gives me the perfect flicks and cat eyes that I crave. One of the most recent product that I tried was from a new brand to me, Eye Of Horus.

Named after Horus, the ancient Egyptian god of vengeance, sky and kingship, this brand produces a small range of eye products based on ancient Egyptian formulations. All of the Eye Of Horus products contain high quality natural ingredients,  essential oils and plant waxes, including the beauty bloggers favourite, Moringa oil. The entire line is also paraben free and none of their products are tested on animals.

As I say the range isn't the biggest by any means but the most popular and most talked about product has to be the Goddess Pencil.

Available in 10 shades, this is in it's simplest term is Eye Of Horus' pencil eye liner. Formulated with a combination of natural oils and waxes, these pencils claim not only to offer smooth, pigmented, long lasting colour but they also claim to be kind to the sensitive skin on the eye area

One of the most recent editions to the Goddess Pencil line, is Scarab Sapphire. A beautiful dark sapphire blue with just a touch of sparkle.

The full sized pencils come boxed, and are double ended. On one end you get your basic pencil and on the other you get a firm, sponge smudger tip.

The first you notice about this liner is how smooth and creamy it is. It feels silky soft on the skin, and even when I was swatching it I could tell how smooth and creamy it was. As you can see from this picture the pigmentation is superb. It's looking a little bit darker here than it does in real life but this isn't a crazy, bright neon blue, it's a lovely midnight tone which great for people who want to wear a coloured liner without being too obvious.

Applying it on the eyes was no different. The smooth, creamy texture made for easy application, and the colour just glides across the lid, without any pulling or dragging. I just managed the one not amazing picture thanks to the awful light but I hope it gives you an idea.

I love the colour and the initial application was fine but I'm going to be honest and say this just didn't work for me. The product is very, smooth and creamy and as a result on my oily lids, the line moved and started to transfer within seconds of application, and to be honest it just didn't last that long on my eyes. The only way for me was to use copious amounts of eye base and liner sealer, which kind of defeats the object.

I had a little more success using this as a shadow, I applied it as a thick line then using the smudger end I blended it out to give more of a cream shadow type look. Again the wear time wasn't amazing but again a good quality eyeshadow base, did make a difference.

I really, really wanted to love this but it's just not going to happen. I love the colour and the texture but it just didn't work for me. I love the smoothness and the creaminess but on my oily lids maybe it was just a bit too creamy. How many times does that happen? What makes you like a product, makes you dislike it at the same time!

With base and sealer I can make it work but unfortunately it's not the apply and go product that I wanted it to be, and it's not a purchase that I could justify. If you have an oily lid like me then this is probably a no go, but if your drier or sensitive then I would definitely recommend you give this a try. It definitely seems to work better on drier skin, my mum liked it, and the swatch that I put on my hand seemed to set fast, and took a while to get off. Damn you oily lids, you win again! Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencils come in 10 shades, and retail at £17 from BeautyBay. Have you tried Eye Of Hours before? I'd love to know if you've tried the Liquid Define Liner so if you have please let me know below xx

(*PR Sample)


  1. Lou your lashes are so long, major flutter envy :) xxx

    1. Thanks lovely x They're pretty decent at the moment x


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