Monday 25 August 2014

AnarKitty In LouLouLand - Part 3 - The Final Installment - Denman AnarKitty Goldie D3 Hairbrush*

I've never made any secret of the fact that the Denman Classic D3 Styling Brush is probably one of the best hairbrushes that I've ever used. I bought my first D3 probably about 8 years ago now and it's still going strong. Thankfully because of the blog I've managed to expand my D3 collection and every single one is still is good as it ever was, despite being used on multiple occasions.

The cushioned, anti static, rubber base and the smooth nylon bristles are perfect for long and straight, knotty or fragile hair. Mine D3's have been put to a huge test over the last few months and by and large I think they've passed with flying colours. Yes, I've still been losing hair every time I brush but by taking it slowly with a good quality brush it probably hasn't been as bad as it could have been. Just imagine dragging a hard or rough brush through your hair, that really would be asking for trouble. The very fact that I've been using my D3 on both wet and dry hair when I've been having so many problems with it, speaks volumes.

The basic D3 design is the same no matter what the style but whilst the original black, white and red brush remains a staple in the line, Denman have moved with the times and have introduced a wide range of D3's in different colours, patterns and even fragrances. I've reviewed quite a few D3 Styling Brushes now and you can now find all my reviews to date in my Beauty Product Directory both here and above, but probably my favourites have to be those from the AnarKitty line x

The AnarKitty range is a collaboration between Denman and British modern artist Emma Geary, aka AnarKitty. First came the AnarKitty Sassy, which was a black brush designed as tribute to the late hairdressing legend Vidal Sassoon, and then earlier this year, Denman introduced AnarKitty Ruby, a Great Gastby 1920's, flapper, inspired red brush. 

Alas all good things must cone to an end, and June saw the launch of the final instalment of the AnarKitty collaboration with the launch of the AnarKitty Goldie D3 Classic Styling Brush.

This muted, gold, black and white brush, features the familiar AnarKitty girl design but with a 1960's inspired twist.

Dressed in the tiniest of mini dresses in a swirl design, our heroine has a high beehive hairdo which comes complete with the Denman crown. She also has super long lashes, and bold golden eye make up. The design also features the AK signature, which is also repeated on the reverse of the brush.

I've really loved the collaboration and I'm sorry to see it come to an end. The quality of the brushes remain the same no matter what the design but the AnarKitty range gives the humble and dare I say it often boring hairbrush a real designer touch, that should not only appeas to beauty junkies, but also to fashionistas and to fans of modern art. The Denman AnarKitty Goldie Classic D3 Styling Brush retails at £7.50 and is available along with the rest of the AnarKitty range from the Denman website. Are you a fan of Denman hairbrushes? What's your favourite hairbrush? Leave me a comment and let me know x 

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