Wednesday 6 August 2014

AD - Making Showering More Luxurious With Imperial Leather Foamburst*

My name is Louise and I'm a bath person. Although the ultimate aim of both a bath and a shower is to get you clean, I can't help but think that a bath is a much more pampering and pleasurable experience than a shower. Just think about it, when you lie in a bath full of warm water, and bubbles, you can't help but relax, yes you're getting clean but you're also having serious me time. Compare that to a shower, where you're just getting clean, in a practical and utilitarian way, and hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from.

Part of the reason why I believe that showers as an essential rather than pleasurable experience I think comes down the products that you use. The majority of shower gels, and body washes, are quite, well boring! Yes they smell nice and the majority do the job, but they're just not exciting or luxurious in any way shape or form.

Things are changing though, and more and more brand are introducing products to try and change the showering experience from something mundane to something a bit more pampering. One of the pioneers in making showers more exciting is Imperial Leather. Way back when they introduced a revolutionary new concept when it came to shower products - Foamburst! Ah the memories, alas the original cocoa butter / vanilla variant that I remember using is no more, but recently they've launched 7 new varieties of  fruity and floral Foambursts all containing real plant, floral, and fruit extracts, and I was lucky enough to be sent two cans to try out. 

The ones that I received were the Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash in Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine**, and the Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash in Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom**.

The Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine has quite a fresh clean scent, I'm a huge jasmine lover but I can't really pick any individual notes, it's just a soft, fresh clean scent that I think could easily be unisex. The Sweet Vanilla And Cherry Blossom on the hand is definitely a female fragrance. There is a bit of sweetness to it and a lot of warmth. It's a tiny bit fruity and a tiny bit floral, and to my sensitive nose it has a tiny touch of maybe almond to it. Both of the scents are quite gentle, and soft and although they linger in the bathroom and on the skin they don't interfere with fragrance or body lotion. 

What are Foambursts though? Yes, they re body washes but what makes them so special? Well first up the packaging, unlike a normal shower gel or body wash, they come in pressurised can, a bit like a can of shaving foam or hair mousse. Why? well this is pretty much what they are, each can contains a thick shower gel, which when dispensed under pressure produces an almost shaving gel consistency.

Within a few seconds, and with a little bit of activation, you get a soft but dense super creamy shower foam. You don't need a lot as it can expand quite a long way.

You can use the foam in a number of ways, you can apply it to dry skin before you get in the shower, or you apply directly to damp skin with your hands or you can apply it to a sponge of a shower scrunchie. The foam rinses away easily and your skin and left feeling silky soft and delicately scented

Not only does this product make showering fun, the sheer amount of bubbles and lather that you get makes it in to quite an indulgent experience. I'm personally a huge fan of this type of product and these two items were no exception. The only downside is that they contains SLS so if that's something that you avoid, then these aren't for you. If you want to take showering to the next level though and give yourself a quick pamper every morning or evening then this range is definitely worth trying. They currently retail for between £2 and £3.99  depending on where you buy them. For that you get a 200ml can which will last for  ages as you need so little. There are a wide variety of scents to try as well as these including Grapefruit and Lime and Ginger and Orange, and Honey and Almond, so there really is something for everyone. In fact I've already picked up another bottle to try which I'll show you in my July haul which will be either tomorrow or on Saturday x Have you tried Imperial Leather Foambursts before? Leave me a comment and let me know x I love hearing what you have to say x

*Press Sample
**As Of November 2020 These Particular Scents Appear To Have Been Discontinued But There Are Lots Of Other New Fragrances Available

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