Monday 4 August 2014

Weight Loss Update - 7 Months In - 24lbs Down - 3lbs Up

So after all the talk saying I was back on it and ready to get back on the diet and healthy eating bandwagon I ended up gaining 3 pounds in July.

I could give you lots of excuses as to why I think it happened but I'm not going to. I gained weight quite simply because I ate too much of the wrong stuff. Everything in moderation is my mantra, well in July I seemed to not only forget my mantra but crumple it in a little ball and throw it out of the window. What's done is done though and rather than give up which would be the easy option I'm starting again. I've come far too far to give up now.

So what am I going to do now ? Well I'm going to try and get myself back in the same frame of mind that I had from January to April. I'm going to try and cut down on my portions and I'm going to try and make healthier choices, when it comes to both meals and snacks.

I'm also got to get back on the Thinking Slimmer gravy train and start listening to my full play list of Slim, Chill and Fit Pods every night. I've got out of the habit of listening to them and I really think that it's made a difference to both my confidence and my motivation.

As you know I'm not big on goal setting, I beat myself up too much when I fail, but in August I would really just love to lose the 3 pounds that I gained in July. I know that doesn't sound like a huge amount but after a cycle of maintaining and gaining even a small loss would give me the boost that I need and the confidence to carry on x

As before I'll keep you posted once a month as to how I get on and in the meantime I'll be charting my progress on both my Instagram page and on my Weight Tracker page. Thanks for reading x Your support really does mean everything to me and I hope that you'll continue to stick with me through the next part of my journey xx

(Various Thinking Slimmer Slim Pods Have Been Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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