Thursday 7 March 2013

Thinking Ahead To Summer - Living Nature Nature's Hydrating Mist - A Review For My Pure

I know it isn't really the time of year for them but during the summer months especially I love facial sprays, facial spritzers, and skin fresheners. They are fabulous for cooling down the skin, for setting make up and for using as a skin toner. I find sprays much more economical than conventional toners, you don't seem to use as much or waste as much, so they seem to last much longer. Since I'm on the look out for a new toner I thought I'd have a little look through the My Pure inventory to see if I could find something suitable.

I decided to try another product from New Zealand based natural skincare and cosmetic company Living Nature, and went for the Living Nature Nature's Hydrating Mist.

This spray is designed to refresh, hydrate and soften the skin on both the face and the body, whilst at the same time refreshing and revitalising the mind.

Like all of Living Nature's products their Hydrating Mist contains only 100% natural ingredients. With a water and vegetable glycerine base, it's jam packed full of essential oils including geranium, bergamot, basil, rosemary, cedarwood, manuka and tea tree. It also contains flax extract, and grapefruit seed extract.

Packaged in the same chunky style bottle that we've come to expect from Living Nature, this product features an easy to use pump action spray, and dispenses as fine mist. It feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin, and has a noticeable herbal, floral aroma. I've used this in a few ways, both as a toner, and also as a general skin / make up refresher throughout the day and I have to say it does the job. It freshens and cools the skin, and makes the skin look fresher and even less powdery when I've used it over make up.

So it does indeed do what it promises but despite that it's not something that I intend to repurchase. Why? well two reasons really first of all the price - £19 for 100ml is pretty steep, yes it should last a long time, but there are much cheaper products on the market that do just as good a job, and no I don't just mean budget brands my beloved Liz Earle retails at way less than that. I have to be honest and say that I also have a bit of an issue with the smell. Products which use pure plant oils and essential oil can often have quite a strong aroma, but this isn't the case with this, the smell is quite nice initially but after a second or too it starts to smell quite musty and not very pleasant at all :( Thankfully it fades completely quite quickly but for that 30 seconds or so it really does effect my enjoyment of the product. If your on the look out for 100% natural toner or facial mist then this could be the one for you, unfortunately though it wasn't the one for me. The Living Nature Nature's Hydrating Mist retails at £19 for 100ml from My Pure. Do you like facial mists? let me know in the comments x

(Living Nature Nature's Hydrating Mist 100ml Was Provided By My Pure For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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  1. Great review I re-contacted Mypure and never heard back from them :S Never mind, I really need to starting thinking about summer.


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