Monday 25 March 2013

Give Me Wings And I Will Fly Away - Nails Of The Day

Believe me if I had a choice I would have flown far way from here - As well as the return of the hideous weather, you name it and it's gone wrong over the last week culminating in a dead laptop battery and snapped charger cable, so yeah flying away to somewhere warmer would be amazing right now. Alas it isn't going to happen so I decided to cheer myself up with a sparkly manicure.

MUA Fairy Dust Nails in Wings, is one of those fab colours that seems to change in different lights. It varies from beige, to gold, to green and somewhere in the middle. The closest dupe I have to this is Illamasqua - Bacterium which is pretty similar in colour but lacks the glitter and sparkle of Wings. MUA market this as a One Coat polish but for me it needed two, the first coat just didn't provide enough coverage or density. Wear time was pretty good, and removal as you would expect with the glitter took a bit of time but hey this shade is worth it. Here are a few pictures of this shade on the nails, hopefully you can see some of the colour variations.

This is such a pretty, and original shade, what's not to love, and at only £2.50 you can't argue. What do you think of Wings? let me know in the comments xx


  1. Looks really good value for money, it suits your skin tone well too! I really like your blog :)

    Megan x


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