Sunday 3 March 2013

Budget Beauty Series - AVON Color Trend Kiss N Go Lipsticks

Some of the first make I ever owned that wasn't a hand me down from my mum or a relative was from the Color Trend range at Avon. Very much marketed towards the young and trendy market the entire Color Trend range has recently been revamped so over the past few months I've picked up a couple of things from the line to try out.

The main thing that I've tried has been their Kiss N Go Lipsticks. These are priced at a pretty bargainous £3.75 each. If your a regular Avon shopper though you'll know that you every brochure is full of special offers so it's very rare that anything is either full price or doesn't come with a free gift. If you've read my February haul post you'll know that my mum kindly treated me to a few of these lipsticks last month, they had an offer on which was buy one get two free - this is just one example of some of the amazing offers that you can find on a monthly basis, and it was a hard one to turn down.

The lipsticks come packaged is basic but quite funky packaging. They are predominantly white with pink / purple lettering, and a clear section through which you can see the colour of the lipstick.

The first shade that I got is one that Mummy Lou already owns, Pink Holiday. I tried hers on and I have to say that I loved it.

Like all of the shades it looks quite bright in the tube but it's actually a lovely wearable pink, that would suit a lot of skin tones. It looks a bit brighter than it's appearing here in real life though

I also got Flirt, this looks quite terrifying both in the bullet and in the swatch, but it actually looks a lot nicer and more wearable in real life.

It looks quite orange in the bullet and swatched but on my lips it looks more peachy, coral, again all be it a little brighter than it's showing here though x

The final shade I picked up last month was Beige Star

Again this looks a bit different in the tube to what it does on the lips. In the tube it looks very brown, but it's actually a really wearable nude. I haven't worn a nude lip for a little while but I've worn this a few times already and I'm really liking it.

The final lipstick that I own from the Color Trend Kiss N Go range is one that I actually got a few months ago now - Violet Friday

It's a really pretty lilac shade, that looks like a very blue based pink on my lips. Thanks to the stupid light yet again this lipstick looks brighter in the flesh.

I have to say I think these lipsticks are pretty decent, there are currently 16 shades in the range, and new colours and limited editions seem to be being  introduced all the time.

The lipsticks have a soft texture, and have a sweet taste and smell, almost a combination of coconut and vanilla, and they contain an SPF 15. In my experience they tend to look a little bit different in the tube to what they do on the lips, and whilst they are pigmented, you can also apply them quite sheerly. As you would expect they aren't particularly long lasting - I usually manage about an hour to two hours wear before needing to reapply. The obviously glossy tone of the lipstick disappears first leaving a slight stain to the lips which is particularly evident with Violet Friday.

I can definitely see myself picking a few more of these up next time they have a good offer on. Whilst it's hard to pick colours using the brochure I quite fancy Hot Pink Love and Amethyst, and I also quite fancy trying the Color Trend Lip Styx which are new in the latest brochure. Have you tried any of the Color Trend products? let me know in the comments and of course let me know if you have any questions xx


  1. The coral one looks lovely, but I always buy colours like that and never end up wearing them! x

  2. Absolutely love the look of Violet Friday xo


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