Thursday 2 August 2012

Wax On, Wax Off - A Review For My Pure

Well it's supposedly that time of year again, when the sun comes out and we have to get our pasty and hairy pins out. OK the weather in the UK hasn't been amazing so far this year has it but I'm living in hope that it will get better. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing quite a few posts on getting ourselves in tip top shape for summer. From healthy eating (or drinking) to supplements, tanning and hair removal, you name it and I'll probably be doing a post on it. First up is one of three posts that I'm going to be doing on hair removal.

I have to be honest and say that hair removal is one of my most hated beauty tasks - It's dull, it's not pretty and it's so time consuming. My preferred method for hair removal for the past 15 years has been waxing.. Over the years I've alternated between hot wax and cold strip wax depending on what was on offer at the time. I've never felt the need to get it done professionally I think I do a good enough job on my own, after all being naturally dark haired I've had plenty of practise. So as part of July's reviews for My Pure I decided to try out some cold strip wax.

I've already reviewed the Acorelle Oriental Wax with Ylang Flower and Cane Sugar for My Pure last year (click here to see my review) and I have to say I was pretty impressed so this time round I decided to try out the Acorelle Aloe Vera and Beeswax 20 Body Hair Removal Strips.

In the box you get 10 double sided cold wax strips which are 100% organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free.The wax contains beeswax and aloe vera to soothe and moisturise.

Alongside the strips you also get a teeny tiny 4.8ml bottle of sweet almond oil  to remove the wax residue and to help soften the skin after waxing.

The best test for wax strips with me is always on my legs.. I've waxed my legs for a longtime now, and it's definitely true what they - over the years the hair on my legs has grown in finer and finer, and I even have a few bald patches.That said my hair is still pretty dark and noticeable, as Mummy Lou says you can't have it on your head and not expect it elsewhere ;) So here are my befores just a couple of pics of my left leg x

Yeah there's definitely hair there isn't there, this is probably about a months growth for me, now how about the afters

and just for kicks here's a picture of a used strips, as you can see lots of hair and even some roots :)

My legs do look a little blotchy and red here but that's pretty normal for me and waxing - after I'd taken the picture I applied the sweet almond oil and it really helped to get the excess wax off my legs and it really helped with the redness.. It also had a nice citrus smell and because of the oil texture it left the skin feeling really.

So what can I say, these babies did the job, they removed the hair really well with no long lasting redness of irritation, but I still wouldn't repurchase - why? well maybe you can tell from this picture

Well you get ten wax strips which you pull apart to get your full 20 strips This is nothing new most cold strip waxes have the same delivery system, however when you separated these strips you were left with hardly any wax on one of the strips. Don't get me wrong this does occasionally happen with other strips on the market but this happened with every single strip in the box, I only ended up with 10 strips completely coated in wax and about 1/4 of a strip on the remaining 10, so in the end I didn't have enough wax to do both my legs. I don't whether this is because the wax was too sticky, or whether it wasn't sticky enough, or whether the strips weren't made of strong enough material (a couple did actually tear!) but I'll definitely be sticking to my usual brand - sorry Acorelle. The Acorelle Aloe Vera and Beeswax Body Hair Removal Strips come in a pack of 20 and retail at £7.99 from My Pure. What's you preferred method of hair removal and do you find it as much of a chore as I do? Let me know in the comments x

(Acorelle Aloe Vera and Beeswax 20 Body Hair Removal Strips Were Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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