Tuesday 21 August 2012

Keeping Your Brown Hair Brilliant With John Frieda

Over the years I've been a bit of chameleon when it comes to hair colour, from a barnett filled with blonde streaks to a Ginger Spice esq chunky blonde and red stripes I've done it all, but in the last year or so I've returned to near enough my natural colour and gone back to being a brunette, all be it a bit darker than my natural mousey brown. I have to say I'm loving it - regrowth isn't anywhere near as obvious and stepping away from the bleach means my hair looks and feels less wiry. That's not to say my hairs in amazing condition by any means, medication, illness and stress means that my hair often looks anything but fabulous, believe me every time I wash it, it looks like there is a dead hamster in the plughole I lose so much hair. Maybe that one of the reasons that I change my hair products so regularly, maybe I'm always on the lookout for a miracle product that will transform my hair to supermodel standard in one wash, or maybe I just get bored with seeing the same bottles in the bathroom, who knows.

It's no surprise therefore that when I was given the opportunity to try out a shampoo and conditioner that was new to me at least, I jumped at the chance.

John Frieda is probably one the most famous British hairdressers of all time, noted for his celebrity clients and his innovative but affordable haircare lines. As well as transforming the lives of women (and men) with frizzy and curly hair, with his Frizz-Ease range (you must try the 3 Day Straight spray if you haven't already!) he was also one of the first hairdressers to introduce a range of colour specific products depending on your hair colour. Before my return to the dark side both me and Mummy Lou were regular users of the Sheer Blonde range, so I was delighted to receive a couple of products from the Brilliant Brunette range to try.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo

The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range includes three different shampoos -Multi Tone Revealing Enhancing Shampoo, Multi Tone Revealing Moisturising Shampoo, and the shampoo that I was sent the Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo.

The name says it all really, this shampoo is designed to protect, repair and add gloss and shine to the hair.

The packaging for the Liquid Shine range doesn't automatically scream Brunette to you, instead of the chocolate coloured packaging you would expect, it comes in a really modern looking shiny, silver tube.

I was also surprised by the shampoo itself, again in a colour enhancing range you expect the product to have a little bit of colour in but no, this shampoo is clear in appearance and has almost a gel like texture. It has quite a distinct fragrance which I can't really place, initially appearing quite fresh it develops into something much warmer and caramel based- The only thing I can think of that smells similar is Thierry Mugler - Angel, but even that isn't the same - I like the smell of this but I hate Angel lol.

Unsurprisingly for a shampoo containing SLS it foams really well and you all need a small amount of product; the foam feels quite soft and gentle though and definitely not sticky. It also rinses away very easily leaving the hair feeling clean but not so clean that it feels squeaky or stripped. As I say my hair isn't in the best shape at the moment but this shampoo definitely gave it a bit of a boost, and the surprisingly looked a little bit brighter and fresher. Personally at the moment I'm preferring a bit more of a moisturising shampoo but alongside the next product this shampoo definitely did the job. I have to say Mummy Lou also liked this shampoo, no she definitely isn't a brunette any more (advancing years and a bit of hair dye has saw to that, sorry mam  ;) but she used in the shower not realising it was a colour specific product because of the packaging and she really liked it and felt it added shine to her grey / blonde hair - result I think :) The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo retails at around £5.89 for a 250ml tube.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturising Conditioner

John Frieda also produces three basic hair conditioners that correspond with each of his shampoos, instead of the Liquid Shine Illuminating Conditioner I was sent the Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturising Conditioner.

Containing Almond Oil and Crushed Pearls this conditioner is designed rehydrate and replenish brunette hair tones, leaving hair soft and silky and shiny.

The packaging of this conditioner is exactly what you would expect, for a colour specific product range. The squeezy tub is a lovely chocolate shade in colour. The product itself  is in a pale caramel cream colour and has a thick, creamy texture, and a similar smell to the shampoo

I've used this conditioner after pretty much every wash for the last three weeks. I've washed my hair with the Illuminating shampoo, then I've towel dried my hair and applied this conditioner through the length of my hair concentrating on the ends. As I say it's pretty thick but at the same time it is very creamy and it's really easy to work though the hair, and it' really easy to rinse out. Again there was no stickiness or heaviness, and my hair was  left feeling silky smooth and tangle free after rinsing, and after drying.. I have to say I was really impressed with this conditioner, in the last 3 weeks I haven't even touched a hair mask, an intensive conditioner or even a leave in conditioner, this product really has been enough to keep my hair feeling soft and manageable :) The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturising Conditioner retails at around £5.29 for a 250ml tube.

I have to say I've really enjoyed my reintroduction to the John Frieda haircare range. I've realised how much I actually enjoyed using the Sheer Blonde products in the past and I'll definitely consider purchasing from the Brilliant Brunette range again. To find out more about the Brilliant Brunette range and the rest of John Frieda's haircare line pleased check out their official website. Have you ever tried John Frieda products? let me know in the comments x

(Both Products Were Provided For Review Purposes)

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