Thursday 30 August 2012

Acquisitions In Augusts - Next, Ebay, Bargains And Gifts

This month's been another stressful month in LouLouLand for obvious reasons so you can rightly assume that this is going to be a bit of a full and picture heavy post. I've made one rather large purchase this month whoops

Yes I've finally joined the digital age and bought myself a Kindle. Devoted as I am to traditional paper and print, books take up sooooo much space so I've decided to trim down my books and join the e-reader generation. I haven't included my Kindle in my August purchases because I got from a catalogue so needless to say I'm not paying for it all in one go - I did buy a lovely case for it though from this seller on ebay - it was just £4.99 which is a lot cheaper than cases and skins on Amazon and elsewhere - the only problem is the free screen protector I got with it isn't designed for the Kindle Touch but never mind I've been using it with a stylus so I'm not getting grubby fingermarks all over the screen anyways. It's taking a bit of getting used to reading from. it but I think it's going to be a good purchase, my hands and arms don't ache as much as they do holding a normal book and I can increase the text size or turn on the speech function when I'm feeling super tired.

My mum kindly bought me a few books to get me started - can you guess what I chose? - look carefully and you will see - maybe something to do with shades of grey ;) I really need to see what the hype was about ;) Other than that I'm wading through the discount and free books to see what I can find - I'm going to limit myself to one full price download a month so if you can recommend any free or budget titles on any topic, fiction or non-fiction leave me a comment and let me know x

I also made another technology purchase this month, I bought a new phone case for my Blackberry.from this seller on ebay for just  - my cousins daughter has the pink one and I think it's so cute - I love penguins :)

As per usual I made a few ebay purchases this month including some more jewellery first up these earrings - I've borrowed the sellers picture because I just couldn't capture them myself

You get a set of four different earrings a butterfly, a flower, a faux pearl, and a stud covered in different coloured crystals from just £1.00 including postage from this seller. I think I'm a bit old for the mismatch earring trend so I actually bought two sets so I could have four different pairs for just £2.00 :)

I also received this bracelet from ebay this month - it matches the necklace I got last month perfectly :)

Again it was a bargain purchase and was just £1.65 from this ebay seller x You can also get a necklace with the single four leaf clover and the matching earrings too which are both on my saved searches :)

And I got yet another bracelet from ebay - I'm loving bracelets at the moment - this one is silver tone and turquoise - I paid £1.88 from this seller - you might see the same bracelet in their shop for £51.06 don't buy anything from them at that price. They put the price up to something ridiculous then put it back down to a couple of quid about a week later - I wonder how many people have paid completely over the odds for something gone back and its 99p -very sneaky!

and yes I got another bracelet from ebay - this one is a bit more structured and actually feels more like a bangle- again it's in silver tone and turquoise - I love the hearts and flower details :) This one was £1.70 including postage from this seller.

The only trouble with me at the moment though is that I find necklace and bracelet clasps so fiddly to fasten so I made another ebay purchase - these magnetic fasteners

You attach one section to each end of the necklace or bracelet and instead of fiddling with the clasps the magnets just join together these are so useful if you have problems fastening things - I paid 99p with 89p postage  from this seller for 5 gold tone clasps and I also got a set of silver tone clasps from the same seller for a slightly more expensive £2.48 :)

As well as ebay I also did a bit of bargain shopping in the wonderful place that is Poundworld :) For just £2.00 I got a new Ped Egg style foot exfoliator  and a pack of 4 nail buffer blocks - bargain!

I also bought a couple of bits from Home Bargains including this cute floral storage box for £1.99

and this nail polish remover pot which was just 85p - I've read a lot about this on various blogs so I thought for the price it was worth a try - I'll pop a review up once I've had the chance to give it a proper go.

My other main purchases this month came from Next and more specifically from the sale order that I placed last month x - first up this green dip hem detail shirt, this is a lot darker green than is appearing here, the fabric is sooo soft and I know I'.ll wear this lots - It was £12

I also got this sequin, bead and button detail Union Jack heart design t-shirt which was £8 :)

If you read last months haul post you probably saw this top in ivory and black , and this month I received the turquoise and caramel version which was £6.00 - I love this combo and I've already worn the other colour way a couple of times so I know that this will be a good purchase x

One of my greatest loves clothing wise is nightwear - I love buying new nightwear and I bought this cute floral PJ set in the sale for £10.00 I also got some matching undies for £6.00 but I'm not showing you them ;)

My final Next sale purchase was this tankini set, I'm not going away this year for obvious reasons but I loved the colour and the uneven dots, so it was worth picking up - the top was £6.00, and the pants were £4.00.

My last purchases of the month were magazines - I'm really trying to stop buying as many magazines, and I only bought two this month - First up Elle which this month came with a free full sized Jemma Kidd Make Up School I-Glamour Define Eyeliner - I think there were 3 colours to choose from and the one I went for was 02 Copper

Copper is a coppery brown shade with a little bit of copper sparkle in it. It's not quite as soft as I'd hoped but it's a nice colour and supposedly worth £13.99 which isn't bad for just £3.90.

The other magazine I bought was Marie Claire which came with a 45ml tube of Murad Essential C Cleanser, worth £10

I haven't had a chance to try this yet but it smells gorgeous really orangey and zingy :) Again well worth it for a £3.70 magazine x

Apart from a few Kindle books the amazing Mummy Lou has also bought me a few bits this month - I've been pretty down about things and she's done her level best to cheer me up :) - first she got me a few bits from Ikea including Skurar Plant Pot - I've seen this on a few blogs and I love it - I'm going to use it to store my eye and lip pencils and the mascaras that I'm currently using :) It was £2.00

She also got me this Liksidig Napkin Holder which was £3.00 - I'm going to be using this for palette storage

On a recent visit to Lidl she also got me this nail polish remover that I've wanted to try for sometime

I'll do a review of this in due course, but so far so good.

We also had a little Primark trip this month which to be honest was long overdue - I haven't been to Primark since May and I was having serious withdrawal symptoms - they had some really nice things in but it was a real struggle to find anything above a size 12 - I guess they've been stocking for the tween market with the kids being off school - nevermind my mum picked up a few bits for herself and she got me a few bits including some nightwear and some undies which I'm not going to show you for obvious reasons ;) The major thing she got me was this copy of the Zara bag, I'd been stalking one on ebay but I went for this one instead which was only £12

The amazing Momma Lou also bought me this cute silver tone cross charm necklace which was only £1.50

and this cute blue patent purse which was reduced to £1.00 :)

The final thing that she got me this month was this metallic nail polish set which was £2.50, I saw this on a blog I'm so sorry I can't remember which one. You get 4 amazing metallic duo chrome type shades which I can't wait to try

So that was August's yes there were a lot of gift purchases there but I still bought quite a few bits of my own accord eek - I can promise you now Septembers haul will DEFINITELY be smaller - LOL - If you have any questions on anything I've bought please let me know, and I also love to know what goodies you bought this month let me know in the comments and leave me a link if you've done a recent haul post I love nosey posts ;)


  1. great haul post i really want that purse very mullberry esq!

  2. Some great purchases! too got a kindle last month for travel and work- love it so far but do miss the satisfaction of finishing a BIG book! xx

  3. Oooh you've done well this month, loads of nice stuff! Welcome to the Kindle club. Are you enjoying using it? xx

  4. Love my kindle - I wish I'd waited for the touch version;) I think the polish set was on Beauty Junkie London blog xx

  5. Thanks ladies - the kindle is taking a bit of getting used to but I'm getting strangely addicted to reading that way x
    @ Joanne - thanks lovely I;m sure they did a similar bag too but I couldn't see it when I went in - the purse was only £1 on the sale rack so I couldn't say no x

  6. I really like the Tankini and the Primark polishes look really cool. I thought I didn't want a kindle because i like having a tangible book to read, but I think your plan of downsizing your collection is a good idea. I can keep all my favourite books but have the kindle for impromptue reading.

  7. i am using the kindle app on my phone for the month of september to trial it and see if i could switch to ereader mode as i do love a good book :-) after that if i still like it will be buying one on payday! i have just been looking through the free ones haven't bought any yet the last one i finished was called Their newborn gift and was quite good :-)

    i had those nail polishes they are ok but not brilliant the duochrome is only in the bottle :(

    i live in wshington and frequently come to durham for a wee day trip didnt kNow you lived there :-)


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