Friday 31 August 2012

Foodie Friday - What I Ate Today

I thought I'd do a what I ate today post for today's Foodie Friday post - if it's gone in my mouth today I've photographed it especially for you :)


One massive mug of tea in my favourite Disney Store Piglet mug, which keeps the tea hot for ages :) I take my tea with milk and no sugar :) - The milk here is skimmed :) I also had a bowl of Easi Yo Lemon Yoghurt - I'm going to do a full post on the Easi Yo yoghurt system in the next few weeks :) 


I have to say I'm not big on lunch and on most days I don't really bother. I only have lunch if I'm doing the SlimFast diet or if I'm going out then I'll have lunch instead of dinner. Today I had an orange, carrot and ginger juice that I made with my juicer 


For my main meal, aka my dinner, I had leftover home made, veggie, baked bean soya mince chilli, with gluten free pasta, and some grated cheddar cheese.


I am a huge drinker not alcohol you naughty people, but fluid in general, today I had quite a few glasses of sparkling water and Robinsons No Added Sugar Summer Fruit Squash, I also had another cup of tea.


I had a couple of sneaky sweet treats today including a very naughty McVitie's Gold Bar, which I shouldn't really have on my gluten and wheat free diet. but I love the Caramac type coating (not pictured). I also had a Lazy Day Foods Free From Ginger Truffle Slice - these are so nice but they so expensive and so tiny!

So that was today's food and drink intake, what did you eat today leave me a comment and let me know xx


  1. Ahhh Lou i am so jealous, i really want an Easi Yo system!!
    Todays been a rubbish day foodwise; no breakfast, cream crackers and a muffin for lucn and takeaway this evening. Naughty Emma! x

    1. Honestly if you like yoghurt they are a fabulous investment - mine is probably my best ever QVC purchase x You can afford to be naughty ;) it's baby that wants naughty things not you really :) lol


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