Monday 3 January 2011

My First Good and Bad Post Of 2011

Apologies in advance that this is a bit of a negative one - life sometimes throws crap at people :I(


* I mentioned a little while ago on twitter that my Auntie was having some health problems - Doctors found an aneurysm near her heart but at the same time they also found out she had emphysema so they were unwilling to operate on her heart. Well they managed to stabilise her condition through inhalers and steroids enough for her to have the operation last Tuesday. The operation itself seemed to go well but she has been having problems coming out of the anesthetic and  especially with her breathing so the latest was they were keeping her sedated and
debating whether to give her a tracheotomy to help her breathe :( I'll keep you posted but it's not looking great at the moment but she's in the best place x

* My dear friend Helen lost her gran yesterday - her poor family have had an awful holiday period her other grandma is also very poorly in hospital and her uncle is in hospital too - things like this really put everything else into perspective

* Slightly trivially in comparison I have been feeling poorly on and off since Boxing Day - lots of sore throats and tummy pains :(

*The heating - this really has been the bain of our lives over the past month or so - its kept going on and off  like a yo yo :( We are hopefully getting a new boiler the week beginning the 11th January - this is going to cause untold havoc in the house we are getting it totally repiped so floors have to come up and all sorts surfice to say I am dreading it !!


* Despite everything I really enjoyed Christmas and New Year I got some lovely & I have some lovely friends and family

* Have really discovered nail varnish in a big way again :)

* I have been on a You Tube roll I'm on uploading about 4 videos including my 2010 favourites - I'll stick them in a post for you so you don't miss out xx

That's pretty much it I'm sorry again its so negative - Next up some swatches and another review xx


  1. Hope everything goes well for you in 2011 X

  2. Fingers crossed 2011 picks up soon xx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt!
    I hope she and everything else picks up for you in 2011. :)



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