Saturday 22 January 2011

Bangle Bargains

A little while ago Marie Claire offered a set of brass bangles by fair trade jewellery company Made as their free cover gift. I got a set with my copy and I have to say I love them - I have pretty chunky knuckles and a lot of high street bangles just don't fit me - at the time I debated whether to buy more copies of the magazine for more bangles but I thought better of it.

Before my little tumble though I'd been wearing my set quite a lot so I thought I'd have a little look for some more. The retail price of £15 was a bit too much so I had a look on ebay and managed to pick up 3 sets for less than a tenner :) Two of the sets are pictured here but I think I'll be wearing the four sets together for a nice layered look :)


  1. These bangles are amazing looking!I've been searching on ebay myself to find something similar (since the greek Marie Claire did not have these as a gift) because they'd look great with every outfit.
    They look gorgeous on you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh they look fab on your wrist! I think all 4 sets together will look fab, particularly in summer with a nice maxi dress.

    I'm the opposite - I have absurdly tiny hands and very skinny wrists and pretty much all bangles fall off my wrists, I have to get mine from kids' departments or from Indian shops! I passed these up knowing they wouldn't fit, but next time I know who to send mine to! x

  3. Wow! These are awesome!! Great bargain!


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