Tuesday 25 January 2011

I'm Sorry

The offending foot

Hi guys - Just a bit of an apology really - I meant to get a few posts up but to be honest my heart just hasn't been in it -I think what's happened has just hit me really, I've felt a bit weepy, and just generally sore and exhausted. It's quite scary being so dependent on some one else for washing, food and water, etc. Don't get me wrong I can dress myself and use the loo but that is pretty much it, and my poor mum has been at my beck and call. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow which I'm not looking forward too - it's mainly just to take out my surgical clips and to put a full cast on my foot but still I'm a bit nervous I am really hoping that the surgery has been successful and tomorrow will be the first proper indication since the op. I'm sorry again for being a bit miserable but I can't help it :( I'll do a post tomorrow letting you know how I got on and then hopefully normal service will resume with a few reviews. Thanks again for your sweet messages on both here and on twitter xx


  1. aww honey I missed what happened to you, I am so sorry.

    I really hope you'll get well soon!

  2. You really don't need to apologise! Concentrate on getting yourself fully better. Good luck! xxx

  3. Aaw, poor you. Hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. x

  4. Awww girly :(
    I really really hope you'll get and feel better soon!

  5. awww i know how u feel!!! get well soon!!!

    xoox hitomineko xoox

  6. Don't worry and don't apologise! Good luck for tomorrow, I hope you get good news from the doctors x

  7. Aww Lou that's totally understandable. It must be exhausting and frustrating. I hope the appointment goes well tomorrow, and I'm always about on FB or Twitter if you need to vent x

  8. You poor love, really hope it all goes well tomorrow and that you feel better soon.

    Recovering from an op is always knackering and generally crap, never mind having to deal with all the restrictions imposed by a broken bone.

    Take care of yourself, let us know how it goes.


  9. Awww don't worry, you don't need to apologise :) just concentrate on getting yourself better chick.

    Am always about on twitter, FB and text if you want a chat :)

    Hope hospital goes ok today xx


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