Sunday 9 January 2011

Feeling Rosey With QVC?

One of the key accessories to any outfit is a watch -I know we all carry mobile phones which tell the time but a watch really can finalise a look. They are no longer just a practical item they have a real place in a lot of fashion looks, and they can really make a difference.

One of the most popular type of watches at the moment appear to be the large, chunky boyfriend style increasingly bejewelled and often in rose gold. I have to say there are some gorgeous ones out there, and the master of this style has to be Michael Kors

(pics from ASOS and House of Fraser)

Aren't they gorgeous alas they have a price tag retailing at nearly £200 each eek I love watches but I don't think I could justify paying that for a watch - thankfully the high street including ASOS, Oasis and more have  produced some lovely watches inspired by the boyfriend design. I have to say as much as I loved the style I wasn't desperate for a watch that was until I saw this just before Christmas on QVC of all places

I say that with a hint of irony I've bought a few watches from QVC before from their own brand Gossip - they specialise in affordable fashion influenced styles, and this one is no exception. This was a Christmas TSV and I just happened to have an easy pay code, well not that I really needed it at less than £16.


I got the Rose Gold option, but it also comes in Gunmetal and Gold Tone and I have to say I really like x  OK it will probably never be as stylish or probably as good quality as the Micheal Kors, it might even be a bit dare I say it tacky :) but for price you can't argue x Any questions please yell x


  1. very nice watch! I have a thing for watches as well. I feel incomplete if I don't wear one.

  2. hey hon

    Hehe I have this it's fab eh and such a bargain. I also went with the Rose Gold option. Need to get my altered before it adorns my wrist

    t xx

  3. Gorgeous watch you got hun, I want to pick up a Michael Kors one this year at some point xx

  4. Gorgeous... I'm needing a new watch and now thinking I want a rose gold one now! Great post!

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