Monday 7 March 2022

Trimming My Stash - January 2022 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews*

I didn't really intend to post two empties posts in a row, but since this isn't going to be a particularly long post (compared to most of my other posts anyways!), I thought that since I had a little bit of spare time I'd try and get it out the way.

DR Docteur Renaud Mango Hand And Nail Repair Cream - 75ml
Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Gentle Gel Hand Soap - 236ml
Gelicity Gel Spa Just For Feet Jelly Foot Soak - Soothe With Lavender & Lemongrass - 40g - 1 x Treatment
Total - 3 Items

When it comes to beauty empties, January is usually a pretty barren month, so whether it was down to illness, or the fact that December was such a good month empties wise, it wasn't really too much of a surprise that I only managed to finish 3 items in the first month of the year.

1. DR Docteur Renaud Mango Hand And Nail Repair Cream 75ml**

This first item is another one of those products that I rescued from the deepest darkest depths of my beauty stash, and it's another items that's so old, I'm almost too embarrassed to show you. I actually received this product as a press sample way back in 2014, and you can read my full review here.

I recently rediscovered it and there was about quarter of a tube left so I decided to use it up, and do you know what? Even though it was old enough to have started school, it was still as nice as it was when I originally opened it. The smell maybe wasn't quite as strong as it had been, but it was still pleasant, it was still lovely and creamy, and really hydrating. 

Obviously the packaging has changed in the intervening 8 years, but you can still buy the same hand cream directly from DR Docteur Renaud all be it in a slightly small 50ml size for around €9.90, and for about £9.60 from a site called Skin Evolution, and for about £6.51 from My Origines.

2. Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Gentle Gel Hand Soap - 236ml

One of the few good things that came out of 2021 was the official launch of Bath & Body Works in the UK. You've been able to buy it on the secondary market and from the odd website for a little while now, and whilst we don't have any standalone stores yet, you can now pick up some of your Bath & Body Works favourites both online and in store from NEXT Beauty.

Ever since the late 1990's when my godmother first brought me some Warm Vanilla Sugar bits back from Florida, I've been in love with the brand. In the intervening years I've picked up a few bits online and from the US, but having such easy access to brand over the last few months has been dangerous! Their festive ranges are by far my favourites and over the last few months I've stocked up on everything from candles, to shapeable soap, to sparkly body moisturiser, and of course hand washes.

I believe that Bath & Body Works do two different types of hand was, and this one is in their "Gentle Gel Hand Soap" formulation. You only needed less than half a pump of this clear gel, mixed with warm water to produce a gentle, non drying foam.

It is a really nice hand wash but the real selling point for me was the scent, even though I've been introduced to a lot of new scents this season, Winter Candy Apple is probably my favourite holiday scent from Bath & Body Works, and it's the one that I've been buying by any means possible for the last 10 years or so. Officially a combination of red apple, winter rose petals, candied orange, maple and cinnamon it has a gorgeous slightly spicy, festive apple and citrus scent that I absolutely love.

This retailed I believe at £7.50 which is a bit pricey for a hand wash but in my opinion it was well worth it. Other than on the secondary market you'll probably have trouble finding this one at least October / November time when it will hopefully return to stores. Not to worry though I still have lots of Bath & Body Works and Winter Candy Apple bits to use up, so you'll definitely see some more products in some upcoming empties posts x 

3. Gelicity Gel Spa Just For Feet Jelly Foot Soak - Soothe With Lavender & Lemongrass - 40g - 1 x Treatment

One of the most frustrating things about being a beauty blogger, is the fact that both products and brands are either discontinued or just seem to disappear overnight. The amount of things I've photographed, and researched, and then wham! all of that work is just wasted. 

The same thing happened with this particular product, I'd shot some pics and videos, and I was just finishing an Instagram post, and then nothing! The brands social media presence had gone, and after a little bit of digging I found out that the company had actually gone into liquidation :( Since I'd already gone to the trouble of shooting pics that I'd share them with you in this empties post x 

Gelicity were really famous for both of their kids and adults jelly baths - products that you could add to bath to give the water a fun jelly like consistency. I actually reviewed one of their bath products way back in 2013, but this particular product was designed specifically as a treat for the feet.

Containing lavender and lemongrass extract this pedicure treatment was designed to soothe tired and aching feet, as well as helping with odour and fungal problems

The box contained two sachets, 1 to create the jelly, and 2 to dissolve it. Sachet 1 contained pale blue crystals, that resembled salt or sugar. It had a slight spa like scent but it wasn't as strong or as evident as I'd hope or expected.

All you needed to do is to fill a bowl (not a foot spa), large enough to put both of your feet in at once. with 4 - 5 litres of warm water, and then you add the contents of sachet 1 and swirl it round a bit to mix it, and then you need to leave it for two minutes.

In those two minutes the water gradually turns into a thick purple/ lilac, semi solid, jelly like substance.

The instructions advise to give it a stir with your hands to break it up a bit. You can then really see the jelly bead like texture. Once you've done that it's time for the fun and pampering to begin!

Plonk yourself on a chair and just pop your feet into the bowl, and move your feet up and down, scrunch your toes up and enjoy the squish! Turn up the video volume for the full effect!

As well as being super fun, it actually feels really nice and relaxing squashing the jelly underfoot and squishing it between your toes.

I probably kept my feet in the bowl till the jelly water went cold which was about 10 - 15 minutes, if the water was a bit warmer then I would definitely have kept me feet in for longer! When you've had enough, you just add the contents of packet 2 to the bowl, which is basically just sodium chloride, aka salt and the jelly will gradually start to dissolve. 

It doesn't completely return back to water, but it does basically turn into a slightly denser than water liquid with a few small jelly like beads suspended in at. At this point it's now safe to dispose either down the skin, or like I did down the toilet.

After removing your feet you just had to pat them dry (you can still see the odd bit of jelly clinging on!), and whilst there was no real change (bar immersion changes - wrinkles!) to the texture of my feet, they did feel refreshed and very relaxed.

This soak was really fun to use, and it was a really relaxing treat for achey or tired feet, and I would definitely repurchase it if I could! As I say this particular company has now gone in to liquidation but I think that there still are some similar products on the market. I've seen something similar in some professional pedicure videos on You Tube, and I've also seen something similar on eBay which I will definitely be trying out. If you know of anything similar out there then please let me know in the comments x 

So that was my very short January empties list! Not the best start to the year but as the saying goes things can only get better, well fingers crossed they can anyways As per usual let me know if you have any questions or comments, and of course it you have any jelly foot soak recommendations, and I will see you soon with another post x 

*This Post Contains Non Affiliate Links
**Press Sample

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