Wednesday 5 January 2022

Collaborative / Partnered Post - Get Out Of That Rut In 2022 And Find Some Creative Inspiration Online*

Hi Guys and Happy New Year! Although this wasn't the post that I'd planned for my first blog outing of 2022, I thought it was an interesting one to start with x Over the last couple of years so many of us seem to have lost our way somewhat, and while some people have found new hobbies and new ways to express themselves, a lot of us have just ended up stuck in a rut, and do you know what? that's okay, but now with hopefully a better on the year on the horizon, surely it's time to start doing more of the things that we love. I know a lot of people are planning all sorts of elaborate and fun holidays, but it can be as simple as finding a new hobby, planning a house makeover or trying a new recipe, whatever it is in 2022 hopefully we can start being inspired to try new things and to do more of what we love.

After the last two years or so though it probably isn't surprising that so many of us are feeling uninspired and as though every ounce of creativity has been snuffed out but there are ways to get your creative juices flowing again and to get that mojo back for the new year.

It sounds obvious but start off by thinking of the things that you love and enjoy, sometimes all it takes is being introduced or even reintroduced to something you find appealing, and then at least you have a starting point. The most important thing to remember is that we can't force ourselves to be inspired by anything, yes so many of us baked banana bread during lockdown but how many of us are now ready to apply to Great British Bake Off, not many of us I imagine, doing something like a hobby shouldn't be done purely for something to do, it shouldn't be artificial, it should be something that we enjoy doing, and it should say something about who we are as people.

In this post, then, I'm going to share a few ways of finding creative inspiration by using one of my favourite methods, social media. Social media has a bad rep at times but it can actually be a really helpful tool to help us find things that inspire us and things that we enjoy, so try this out to make sure your computer and digital organisation efforts are up to scratch before giving some of these tips a try x

Collate Images You Appreciate

Now I wouldn't be a blogger, and an avid social media user, if I did't recommend some of the top social media platforms. Using online tools like Pinterest, Instagram, blogs you enjoy (Mine ;), image boards, and more, you can put together visual mood boards that help you think through ideas. I've recently got into Pinterest and that is one addictive platform and already I've learnt so much from it, I've found recipes, nail art ideas, outfit ideas, and crafting suggestions, and that's just on one site, you can also search tags on Instagram, and for blogs and You Tube channels that can inspire you to cook, paint your nails, and decorate your bedroom - the online world is your oyster!

Even looking through digital art using platforms like Behance can make a great deal of different. Simply consider the kind of art style you find enjoyable and influential, and collate them in a note-taking app, or if you're more of pen and paper person print them for your sketchbook, or your notebook This can help you index and hold on to material that's inspired you, and will help you flourish as a creative hobbyist or that can even help you grow in your professional life

Follow Influencers That Inspire You

Much is said about the rise of the influencer, both good and bad, but it’s true to say that you only need to focus on those that inspire you. I have to be honest and say that I've unfollowed a lot of people / influencers over the years, and I've gone on to follow different ones as I've changed and they've changed. Don't be scared to unfollow people, if someone makes you feel bad about yourself, and you can't relate to them then it's the best thing to do. There are many artists, writers, bloggers, fitness professionals and more with your sensibilities, or sensibilities that might challenge you at first but also help you think of the world in a different way. No matter if you’re hoping to learn more about plus-size fitness, or African fashion trends, or anything else that inspires you, searching for these profiles is as simple as a few worthwhile hashtags. Whatever your interests or passions, there will be people out there that you'll love and that will inspire you, don't necessarily look for the big names, there are some fabulous smaller 'influencers' out there that produce some fabulous work and really have something to say.

Read Blogs You Can Relate To

As a blogger I'm bound to push this one but again the same applies, there are so many amazing bloggers out there, again not necessarily the big names, that produce some fabulous informative, and from the heart content. Outside of social media posts and Instagram pictures, however, a blog gives us the chance to understand people’s intent, their meaning, and their willingness to be vulnerable. No matter if this involves a bloggers’ struggle in raising their child right, to losing weight bit by bit, to managing a health condition, following those you appreciate, supporting them, opening that dialogue, all of this can and will have a profound effect on your faith in people in general, because although it's hard to admit it social media can often be pretty fake. I've been blogging for a long time now and things have changed a lot over the years, and whilst the focus is now on Instagram with it's pretty pictures, and constructs, blogging for me has always been about keeping it real, being honest about my life and my failings, whilst at the same time enjoying talking about my passions and things that I love. The written word for me is always more honest than a photograph, and that's why blogs will always win out. From baking blogs, to make up blogs, to crafting and interiors blogs there is something out there for everyone, and being inspired by real people doing real things has to be one of the best ways to learn, and if you are inclined there is no better way to create something than to create your own little space on the internet, and to start your own blogging journey.

So whether your looking for inspiration and for a new hobby online, or like me and numerous craft kits buys, in the middle aisle at Aldi, hopefully I've given you some ideas, all be it ones that are close to my heart, about how to get out of that creative rut. We all have dreams so why shouldn't we start trying to fulfil them in 2022, whether you want to write a novel, paint a picture, or even set up your own food blog, don't dream it do it!

*Collaborative / Partnered Post 

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