Friday 3 September 2021

Collaborative / Partnered Post - 4 Trendy Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lover

My name is Louise and I have a confession to make - We're only 3 days into September, and today I bought my first Christmas present. It's never too early to get organised, and to start thinking about presents, be that for Christmas, or for any birthday or for any other occasion.

Getting a gift for your loved one can be challenging if you don’t plan ahead or know what they like; It's all too easy to just go down the generic toiletry set or gift card, instead of getting them something they would really appreciate. Thankfully, if your friend or loved one is a fashion lover, it can make things a little bit easier, and there are lots of things at all price points that you can buy to add a little of interest to their existing wardrobe, whilst at the same time showing them much you care about them.

Whilst it's scarily true that around one-third of women would rather buy something new once they've worn it once or twice, if you gift a friend or a family member a piece of jewellery, an accessory or an item of clothing no matter what the price point, then they'll more than likely hang on to it, because it came from you and it will remind them of your relationship, and the good times that you've shared.
So if you’re thinking already thinking about gifts from Christmas, birthday's or any other occasion, then here are a few classic, and on trend suggestions to fit all budgets, and most relationships.

1. A Personalised Necklace

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who loves fashion, then a necklace is usually a pretty good choice. You don't need a size, just a vague idea of what type of jewellery your recipient likes. Whilst they go in and out of fashion, one great way to show the fashion enthusiast in your life that you’re thinking about them is by gifting them a personalised necklace.When it comes to fashion There is nobody more stylish than the character of Carrie from Sex In The City, and something she was famous for was her name necklace. You can get name necklaces in all sorts of materials from precious metals, to wood and acrylic at prices to suit all budgets and if you're lucky enough to have a common name, you can sometimes buy them straight off the peg. A classic buy something you can wear all of the time, and people will never have an excuse for not remembering your name!

If you're buying a present for a child, or if you don't like the idea of sharing your name with everyone that you meet, then you could go for an initial pendant. I obsessed with anything with my initial on and I have it on everything from cushions to lightening, wall art and coasters, as well as numerous initial jewellery pieces including earrings and necklaces. Again they come at all different price points, it super easy to buy cheaper pieces, and again you can get initial pendants in all different types of material and styles.

Pick something in a style that they like and it could be something that could literally wear every day, not matter what the occasion, and it’ll also remind them that they’re extra special, and who doesn't want to think that x

2. Fashion Rings

Now this one requires just a little bit more thought, as for the majority of rings you do need to have an idea of a size, but if you know that, and again roughly what your recipient likes, the world is your oyster. From dainty fashion rings, to statement cocktail rings, precious metal, and gemstones, there are rings to suit all tastes, this versatile gift comes in so many different colours and styles, hopefully making it easy for you to choose one that reflects your loved one’s personality. If you want to go beyond fashion rings, and you want a more investment type piece for that special person in your life then you can try a gold Irish Claddagh ring. These traditional rings are a great way to symbolise the friendship, love, or bond you share, with their signature heart surrounded by two hearts, and they can aren't just for women either. They’re also ideal for special occasions or to just express how you feel about your loved one x

3. Slouchy Beanies

Looking out of the window at dull and grey skies today, it hard to believe that we're supposedly going to be having a heatwave next week. Whether we like it or not though autumn is on its way, and whilst I love summer and warmth, there is something about autumn that I love, I love the freshness of the air, and I love digging out my cosy jumpers, scarves, and hats.

I really wish I looked better in hats but I'm just not one of those effortlessly cool people that can wear anything on their heads and still look amazing. As much as I've persevered with berets and the likes, I'm probably a beanie girl. Beanies are a great gift for fashion enthusiasts because they serve several purposes. Aside from adding a casual touch to your overall look, beanies also help keep you warm during the cold weather and are also great for protecting or covering your hair if you’re not having the best hair day.
Like most of the items on the list beanies come at loads of different price points, and you can get them in a huge variety of colours, knits and style, ranging from super soft cashmere, to man made fibres, and do you know what's good about that, You can build your own little collection of multi coloured hats, and beanies, so that you can coordinate them with loads of different outfits.

Admittedly a beanie the most exciting of gift but it's useful and get the style and colour right, and your friend or relative, could be wearing it every day for the next few months, which is a super nice feeling for any present giver.

4. Jeans

Now the last thing on this little list is another one where your going to need to know your recipient pretty well but get this gift right and they'll love you forever!

Aside from joggers and leggings, jeans are a great must-have for any wardrobe. They've gone in and out of style but in the end the classics will always win out. I don't need to tell you how to style a pair of jeans but they are the perfect partner for so many different fashion pieces, including jackets, crop tops, and like what I'm wearing in the picture, a plain t-shirt, or even with what I'm wearing today - a lightweight jumper. Jeans come in various colours and styles, whether baggy, skinny, mom, straight legged, or boot flare, so you can choose the perfect pair depending on your fashion lover’s preferences. It’s best to be sure of their size beforehand, and if in doubt ask them, it's so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans, and if they've already found them, then you know what to do, buy them a pair that you know they love, in the right size, and you know that they'll wear them forever and a day, and if you want to be really generous you could also team them up with a nice belt.

I know a couple of these items are only for people who you know very well, but there are so many different fashion and accessory pieces out there that make fabulous gifts for the fashion lover in your life, my own personal favourites are jewellery of any type, both light and heavyweight scarves, cute socks, gloves, and hair accessories. Whatever you choose - think about what your buying and the person you're buying it for, don't buy for buying sake. try and buy them something you know they'll love, not everything has to be expensive to be cherished, and if in doubt ask them! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know in the comments x

*Collaborative / Partnered Post

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