Saturday 9 December 2017

OPI Holiday 2017 - Nails Of The Day - Feel The Chemis-tree

Well I hope you're all warm and cosy on this December evening, unlike a lot of the UK we haven't got any snow but it's been stuck in the minuses all day and it's freezing! I don't know whether it's down the plummeting temperatures, the fact that the central heating is ramped up to the max or my own failing body but my nails are (to put it mildly!) crap at the moment! They are so dry and brittle and they're refusing to grow - grrr!

Never mind, some nail polishes do actually look better on a shorter nail, or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself anyways. No but seriously, darker shades can look very sophisticated on  shorter nail, and a case in point is this shade from OPI's 2017 Holiday Collection - XOXO.

Excuse the not so good paint job and the short not so chic, chubby nails and try to imagine what this beautiful shade looks like on nicer nails.

Feel The Chemis-tree is a gorgeous metallic plum, purple that is shot through with gold or is copper? shimmer. It's not quite as bright as it looks here, it's a lot more plummy in the flesh, and although the shimmer is visible in certain lights, it isn't that noticeable in the majority of my pictures or in real life.

As I say this isn't the neatest manicure that I've ever done, and that's not only down to my short, chubby nails tips. For some reason I really struggled to paint this polish neatly, it was quite gloopy but at the same time it was quite runny! It took two coats to achieve this level of colour and shine. It did take a little while to dry as well which in my experience is quite unusual for an OPI lacquer.

Something else that was unusual was the relatively short wear time, I got my first chip within 24 hours :( The one plus with that is that it was pretty easy to remove. Since the shimmer element is so fine you don't ending fighting with a ton of glitter on your nails

I know my pictures don't do this polish any justice at all but I can assure you that it is beautiful in the flesh, even more so when you catch it in the right light and see the shimmer. The colour is beautiful but for me and unusually for OPI the formula just didn't cut it. I'm really hoping that my experience is just a one off and more down to my own shoddy nails and painting skills, than the polish itself. If you've tried this colour I'd love to know your thoughts, so let me know your experiences in the comments. OPI Feel The Chemis-tree is a limited edition polish and retails at around £12.95 for a 15ml bottle. To be honest though I very rarely pay full price for my OPI colours so I would definitely advise that you shop around a bit as you can usually save a little bit on the RRP if your prepared to hunt around x

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