Wednesday 20 December 2017

Climbing Out Of My Fragrance Comfort Zone With Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Elxir*

Every person has their quirks, something that they always do or say, my mum can't live without lipstick and applies it on average once an hour, and I can't live without my perfume! Even if I'm not leaving the house and I'm having a truly lazy day, I always apply a squirt or two of fragrance to my pulse points to lift my spirits, and although it sounds a touch weird, to make myself feel complete.

I've loved perfume for as long as I can remember and some of my longest standing childhood memories are of the musky type fragrances that my grandma used to wear, and of my mam kissing goodnight and leaving the room in a haze of YSL Rive Gauche, or Mystere by Rochas. Fragrance in my young eyes made a woman more glamorous and special, and although I now inwardly cringe at even thinking that, as soon as I was old enough I wanted to be part of that.

My first experiments with perfume were interesting to say the least, I didn't seem to understand the concept of the less is more philosophy, so I can imagine a few people secretly held their noses when I walked into the room! Over the years thankfully my tastes and my application technique have become, lets say a little bit more refined. I still have way too many bottles of perfume, but I'm probably a bit more choosy about what I buy than I used to be.

Although I have a few different types of scents in my collection, the majority of perfumes that I buy tend to fall into the floral and powdery description, sometimes with a tiny bit of fruit thrown in. I know a lot of women now love heady, heavy and more masculine fragrances, and even out and out foodie scents but I'm not one of them, if it's soft, floral, pretty and powdery though then it's probably got my name on it!

Fragrance is a really personal thing and members of the same family can have rapidly differing tastes in scent. More often than not though you like what you like and you're generally not willing to step outside that comfort zone and try something new. In the run up to the big 4-0 though I'm trying to be braver in all areas of my life and take a few risks, and not just step, but jump headlong out of my comfort zone, so over the last few months I've trying out a fragrance that's quite different from what I would normally wear.

If you're into your fashion and style than you will no doubt have heard of luxury goods brand Mont Blanc. Founded in Germany in 1906, and named after the famous mountain in the Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc were initially famous for producing high quality fountain pens, and writing implements before branching into the wider luxury goods markets and introducing a range of high end leather goods, and watches. all of which incorporate their sophisticated star logo.

Whilst I'd heard of the brand and their very high end watches I didn't actually know that they also produce a select range of both men's and women's fragrances, the newest of which is Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Elixir.

Right, where do I start? well I'm going to start with the factors that draw us into a fragrance in the first place, it can be an advertising campaign or it can simply be the look of the box, and the bottle itself.

The first indication that this really is a luxurious product comes from the box itself, which is respondent in a beautiful metallic rose gold, beautiful, but only a taster of what is to come.

Open the box and you're greeted by a small piece of glass sculpture. The weighty glass bottle is designed to replicate the 43 faceted cut Mont Blanc diamond. The bottom half of the bottle carries the rose, pink gold tone of the box through with an almost mirrored metallic finish. where as the top half of the bottle is clear and the amber liquid shines through for within.

The lid itself is clear and resembles a cross between a flower with multiple petals and the Mont Blanc star logo, with the Mont Blanc logos also embossed in the rose gold tone spray atomiser

This bottle just screams class and sophistication, the on trend rose gold finish, and the chunky, heavy weight sculptural quality means that this is a bottle that you would be proud to display on your dressing table even when it's empty! (don't keep your fragrances in direct sunlight though).

So the box is beautiful, and the bottle is exquisite but what about the fragrance inside, well it's clear that Mont Blanc haven't just used the bottle as a distraction, the perfume inside is rich and decadent.

Described as a floral, Lady Emblem Elixir is a complex and heady woody, floral containing amongst other things damask rose, iris, and orange blossom, with hints of black pepper, sandalwood, lychee and patchouli.

I'm rubbish at describing scent but I definitely initially get some fruity and floral notes, with then dry down to something a little bit headier, and warmer, which lasts well on the skin. It's a lot deeper and heavier than a lot of the fragrances I wear but it's really grown on me. This sounds a pretty strange way of describing it but the best way I can describe it to someone who obviously can't smell it for themselves is to imagine all the scents mingling as you walk through a beauty haul or a duty free shop, and whilst it would be nowhere near as strong or as heavy as that, hopefully that will give you some idea of the complexity and all of the different notes and layers within this scent.

I think this fragrance would actually appeal to lot of people, I like it and my mum who prefers a heavier scent can also appreciate it's beauty and individuality.

Fragrance makes an amazing present for any occasion and whilst it is always tempting and probably the safest option to buy something you know that your recipient will love, don't be frightened to try something new especially if you know the person really well, and the scents that they like and dislike. I've received a few "surprise perfumes" over the years and whilst I haven't got on with them all I have discovered one or two that have became staples in my own fragrance wardrobe. Buying something new is obviously a risk but if your recipient loves it then you will be the best boyfriend, friend or auntie that there is, and if they like florals with a twist then maybe Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Elixir could be something worth trying.

Mont Black Lady Emblem Elixir has a recommended retail price of £54 for a 50ml Eau De Parfum but if you like the sound of this fragrance then take my advice and shop around, look hard enough aka at sites like Fragrance Direct and allbeauty, then you might find this fragrance for a lot, lot less ;) Are you hoping that Santa pops a new perfume in your stocking this year? Let me know what you're hoping for or what fragrance you're planning on buying yourself in the January sales ? I'm always looking for new fragrance recommendations and I can't wait to hear your favourites :)

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